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Elyashazleen - Inner Lace Hijab Tutorial 2

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Hijab Tutorial
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folow me here --
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veils that can be used daily ^_^ Contact me : Email : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook : Youtube : May be useful. Happy trying and let's Subscribe! ^_~
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I made this video as a request from my blog followers. Basically, I used hana tajima style with different hijab. I used square hijab. This is my first video I made, sorry for lacking and feel free to pust the mute button if you're not into music. salam. yulia
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Hey everyonee! I was watching some tutorials today and realized i wanted to create my own, kinda personalized version of a very volume filled hijab style! Hope you all ENJOYYYYYY! RATE SUBSCRIBE FAVORITE THUMBS UP LIKE For exclusive videos, fun pics, reviews, fashion, makeup, and hijab advice check out my TUMBLRRR - GOODLUCK EVERYONEEEE
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Assalamualaikum... a long waited tutorial from Al Raqia can be view from my You Tube Channel. Alhamdulillah.. i hope u really enjoy watching it.. the step by step how to wear an Amraa Shayla from Al Raqia.. MasyaAllah.. tq for everything ya..a BIG THANKS to my sister NOUREL HIDDAYAH.. GOOD JOB dear! MasyaAllah... Barakallahhufiikum, Fiiamanillah, Allah Ya Kareem. to PURCHASE the AMRAA SHAYLA simply log on to AFSAR ( the BLACK neck inner ) by Al Raqia.. ( COMING SOON! ).. InsyaAllah...
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From: Ulfahify
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highspeed to wear hijab less than 2 second by rabbani
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Wardah Hijab Tutorial with Lisa Namuri and Novie Collection
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Gaya "Simpul" yg simple n chic ini sy liat dr salah 1 foto sis abeer (mytrendyhijab), sy zoom berkali2 hny tuk mngetahui gmn beliau menatanya :D tp sptnya tetep blm bs sm persis spt yg ditata sis abeer..hihihi..smoga nanti sis abeer mau membuatkan tutorial utk gaya ini ^_^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this simple n chic "Node" style i saw in 1 of sis abeer's pic (mytrendyhijab). i've zoomed it overtimes just to know how she created it :D but still i can't make the same as hers ^_^ hope sis abeer will make tutorial 4 this beutiful style ^_^
From: Umama Umi
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(Edited Version) Untuk tempahan Dahlya Hijab silalah ke Song: Langit Biru (Asmidar) Make-Up by Aida G
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UPDATE: Finally! I'm super excited to announce the upcoming release of my very own scarf line, hijabbunny! ^___^ You have no idea how edgy I was to keep this a tight lip for these past few months. And now I can finally confirm that this is all really happening... soon, insyaallah! :'D Help me spread the word out, pretty please? All your support means the world to me :'D Follow hijabbunny's instagram and fb accounts for updates! ☺️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assalaamualaikum and hello sweethearts! My name is Shafiqah and I've just started wearing Hijab on Ramadhan last year (August 2011). I've been approached by several people on how I wear my scarf and how I did my make up. Well, I did my 1st video on how to make the "Kittycat" eye make up here:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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I promised to my friends to make a video tutorial on how to wear a turban. This is my very first tutorial ever! And I purposely bring Al-Farrel in this video with me to boost up my confidence :) LOL. So, this is how I wear a turban daily. It's easy and everyone can try it!
From: Putri Rex
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im worst on doing presentation, orally in malay or english. forget about me, just focus on the details. enjoy!
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this hijab tutorial is realy easy and chic.. i love to share with you ladies.. hope you like it.. enjoy.. :) music by eliza doolittle.. love the song! :D
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Music by Lisa Ekhdal - Rivers of Love visit my blog: and my page: thank you for watching..
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Sisterhood by dianpelangi - Teaser Ads Silaturahim event for Muslimah seluruh Indonesia menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan 1433H Location : fX Sudirman Bazaar - International and Local Brands (open for public) Hijab tutorial Guest stars : International muslimah designers :Hana Tajima and Dina Tokio Malaysian bloggers Sing Performance by marshanda, Fitri and Inarovi Fashion show: Zascia Mecca, Meyda Sefira and many more. Time /Location : 14-15 July 2012, FX Senayan jakarta Visi dan Misi : Mempererat silaturahim sesama wanita muslimah pada umumnya dan komunitas hijabers pada khususnya sebelum bulan suci ramadhan 1433H For more details please visit : @sisterhood_bydp @dianpelangi @dianpelangicom FB fanpages Dianpelangi BG music : Annisa HCB Voice
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BUY this Amazing Hijab HERE:!/pages/MH-Hijabs-More/112365068843750 ENJOY. SHARE. SUBSCRIBE. LIKE. **VOLUMIZING SCRUNCHIES ARE AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE** My Online Store: ADD me on my FB Fan Page: SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: ADD me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Check me out on my BLOG:
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Time: 06:05 More in Howto & Style ( ) - World First Islamic Fashion Center Check the designers collections at Subscribe: Twitter : Instagram : HijUp | #MyHijUp Facebook : Street style : --- Be Fabulous with HijUp! ♡
From: HijUpCom
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Behind The Scene pemotretan busana Majalah Sekar dengan Zaskia Adya Mecca sebagai model.
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