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Elyashazleen - Inner Lace Hijab Tutorial 2

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folow me here --
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My khaleeji hijab tutorial, if you need khaleeji flower clips please send me a message! Also, you can find my facebook page here:!/pages/Christines-Khaleeji-Clips/160059007386767 I will be uploading new items very soon insha'allah!
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Contact me : Email : Twitter : Instagram : Facebook : Youtube : May be useful. Happy trying and let's Subscribe! ^_~
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HIJAB & MUSLIM DRESSES exclusively sold in my Facebook page: And Website: WWW.ILHANA.COM Check out also my Blog at:
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(Edited Version) Untuk tempahan Dahlya Hijab silalah ke Song: Langit Biru (Asmidar) Make-Up by Aida G
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I promised to my friends to make a video tutorial on how to wear a turban. This is my very first tutorial ever! And I purposely bring Al-Farrel in this video with me to boost up my confidence :) LOL. So, this is how I wear a turban daily. It's easy and everyone can try it!
From: Putri Rex
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Tutorial Pemakaian hijab bahan Pashmina Kaos
From: Maaliqa
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Modal RM20, jana minimum RM600 sebulan klik sini
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im worst on doing presentation, orally in malay or english. forget about me, just focus on the details. enjoy!
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CREDITS: Scarf : Cala Scarf by KIVITZ Model : Fitri Aulia Director : Mulky Aulia Music : Kalimba - Mr. Scruff Visit :
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UPDATE: Finally! I'm super excited to announce the upcoming release of my very own scarf line, hijabbunny! ^___^ You have no idea how edgy I was to keep this a tight lip for these past few months. And now I can finally confirm that this is all really happening... soon, insyaallah! :'D Help me spread the word out, pretty please? All your support means the world to me :'D Follow hijabbunny's instagram and fb accounts for updates! ☺️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assalaamualaikum and hello sweethearts! My name is Shafiqah and I've just started wearing Hijab on Ramadhan last year (August 2011). I've been approached by several people on how I wear my scarf and how I did my make up. Well, I did my 1st video on how to make the "Kittycat" eye make up here:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Gaya "Simpul" yg simple n chic ini sy liat dr salah 1 foto sis abeer (mytrendyhijab), sy zoom berkali2 hny tuk mngetahui gmn beliau menatanya :D tp sptnya tetep blm bs sm persis spt yg ditata sis abeer..hihihi..smoga nanti sis abeer mau membuatkan tutorial utk gaya ini ^_^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this simple n chic "Node" style i saw in 1 of sis abeer's pic (mytrendyhijab). i've zoomed it overtimes just to know how she created it :D but still i can't make the same as hers ^_^ hope sis abeer will make tutorial 4 this beutiful style ^_^
From: Umama Umi
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Facebook: Twitter : @Riekha_Spsi blog : *
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add my fb
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Hijab Tutorial
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