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Cane Corso Vs Dogue Argentin - Dogo Argentino

Am creat acest videoclip la
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Expert Cane Corso Handler/Lover VS Expert Rottweiler Handler/Lover. This dude is awesome as you can see, and his passion and love for the Cane Corso is identical to mine when it comes to the Rottweiler. He has a gift with the breed and it shows...Too bad I still didn't have Heidi as we could of had 3 Corsos meeting 3 Rotties :D
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Dogo Argentino fight Caucasian ovcharka.
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my best friends !!
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HOG HUNTING WITH DOGS! Preview of the 2nd edition of the top rated hog-dog hunting DVD series on the market found at THIS FEATURES CLIPS OF HUNTING WILD BOAR WITH DOGS!
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dogos argentinos
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I was attacked by this crazy cane corso named midnite. Just kiding he is our dog... thats MY DOG.. BOYEEE
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Dogo Argentino - o apaixonante mundo dos DOGUEIROS provando cada vez mais que D.A. não é apenas uma raça e sim um estilo de vida.
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Dogo Argentino "Morocho" saves 2 girls from Puma attack
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Dogo Argentino Meets Rottweiler Twins Hank and Brutus
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cane corso top dog guardian
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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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Rottweiler and Dogue De Bordeaux fight over a tug
From: dunny toz
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Would like to be the best in the world at self defense, check this out This breed has its origin in the province of Cordoba, in the central (Mediterranean) region of the Republic of Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, a (renowned) doctor and member of a traditional family. In 1928, his passion for dogs, perhaps a family legacy, led him to set the bases and a standard for a new dog breed which he named Dogo Argentino. His work was based upon the methodical crossbreeding of several purebreds with the old fighting dog from Cordoba, a dog which was very strong and vigorous. After a thorough and minute character study and selection, through different generations, Dr. Nores Martinez accomplished his purpose, obtaining the first family. At the beginning it was generally considered a dog for fighting but Dr. Nores Martinez's liking for hunting led him to take the dog to one of his habitual hunting trips, where the new breed demonstrated its skills, thus becoming a key figure in all his trips. Thus it became quickly an excellent big-game hunting dog. With the passing of time, this adaptating capacity has made this dog very versatile as regards functions; it has proved to be a noble companion and a loyal and insurmountable protector of those it loves. Its strength, tenacity, sharp sense of smell and bravery make it the best dog among those used for hunting wild boars, peccaries, pumas and other country predators which can be found in the vast and heterogeneous areas of the Argentinean territory. Its harmony, balance and its excellent athletic muscles are ideal characteristics for enduring long trips in any weather conditions and then fighting fiercely with the pursued prey. In 1973 the breed was accepted by FCI as the first and only Argentinean breed, thanks to the great passion, work and effort of Dr. Augustin Nores Martinez, its creator's brother and successor Breeds used to create the Dogo include: Cordoba Fighting Dog, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Boxer, Pointer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Dogue de Bordeaux. And possibly more.
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Two chums rough housing.
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Personal protection dog training. Blog post here: Follow us on our dog training facebook page:
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Dogs playing
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Time: 01:25 More in Pets & Animals This video presentation is a sequel to Cielo Blu's Basir training for the sport of Schutzhund. Cielo Blu Cane Corso is one of the longest standing breeders/hobbyist of the Cane Corso Mastiff in the United States of America and is a subsidiary of Worldwide Protection at Commando Kennels.
From: Cielo Blu
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Professionals teach dogs to guard against intruders and attack on command. NGC Wild:
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