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IAB LAUJ Best Music Video 2012-2013, Will Be Release During Hmong New Year In California.

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Release On Merced & Fresno New Years 2012-2013.
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A collection of Iab lauj pictures.
From: Muaj Zoo
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iab Lauj & Nruas Vwj nkauj tawm tshiab Rau Merced and Fresno New Year 2012 xov tooj-209-631-2115
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IAB LAUJ And NTAJ THOJ best music video of the year, Will be releasing "June 2012". For more detail, please call us Asianvideoproduction @ 559-720-4481 Or 559-519-0287. Thank you.
From: Ger Vu
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Nrauj tag tseg tsis tau
From: Kou Thao
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Miss #1 Performance for Miss Hmong Thailand 2013 election in Paklang, Dec 15, 2012.
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The best hmong movie I've ever watched. These producer should produce more movie like this one. I dont see these acters and actress in many movies but they should.
From: pao xiong
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Ntsa iab yaj, Daim Music video no muaj muag lawm USA, Please Contact SuabHmoob Production 559- 456 1086 559- 892 9359 Edit By : Chen studio More information contact :
From: Chen Vang
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hmong new music video 2014 meej vaj
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Nuj Txeeg Clip Ntxawm O Txia starring Meej Thoj, Maiv Nyiaj Xyooj, Ntxhua Thoj Ntxawm O Txia coming soon to Hmong Fresno, CA New Year on December 26th,2012-January 1st, 2013. Contact us:
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peb ua neeg nyob yog koj ua txaum lawm koj yuav khiav tsis dim li. yog tus txaus lawm yuav tsum tau lees xwb, yog tsis lees ces yuav zoo li no
From: thai lao
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HMOOB DUB QHOV DEJ LOB TSAIM #1 KV Production. Release: Fresno Hmong New Year 2012-2013 (December 26, 2012) To order, contact: (209) 261-0288 Yog xav tau, hu rau peb tus xov tooj, peb yuav xav tau rau nej. Daim video haus Youtube no tsuas yog commercial xwb, tsis yog daim movie. Daim movie thiab li muaj 2 hours. Yog hais tias nej xav yuav daim movie no thiab xav saib mus txiv, hu rau kuv. Kuv muaj muag rau nej! This is a COMMERCIAL only. Please support by purchasing the video for the FULL video by email or call the number above. Thank you!
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From: Thai Thao
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Music Video Karaoke Volume 2!!
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Dej Nag Music Video 4 - Available Fresno Hmong New Year 2012-2013 PRE-ORDER NOW ON OUR WEBSITE: WWW.APPLEVIDEO.US Starring: Xyooj Chrissy "Miss Hmong Hmong California 2010", MX Vue "Miss Hmong United 2010", Ryo Aden Vu - Rising Hmong Actor, Tee Teej Tug Vang - Artist "Wb Mam Sib Hlub", and Green Card - Hmong Comedian Featuring: Special Preview of Tee Vang's Music Video Artist: Dej Nag Composer: Gayee Vue Director: Boualong Vue Director of Photography: Pheng Vue Film Editors: Boua Long Vue and Pheng Vue Screenplay: Boua Long Vue Cinematographers: Boua Long Vue and Pheng Vue Camera Crew: Peter Vang, Fue Vue, Tou Vue, Tha Vue, Jengsue Vang, Morshia Vang, Mai Xor Vang, Panhia Vang, Jessica, and more... Cover Photography: Kong Vue Photography and Vue Studio Make-Up Artist: Mai Xai Vue, Chrissy Xiong, and See Xiong Vue And more credits on the DVD... Visit our website at Like us on Facebook!
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Contact: Tswbsivyisproduction @ 559-513-2321. Nyob zoo txog ib tsoom NIAM TXIV KWV TIJ NEEJ TSA sawv daws, Muaj lus zoo siab thiab cia siab hais tias nej txhua leej txhua tus tseem yuav txhawj nqa peb "tswbsivyisproduction mus lawm yav tom ntej thiab". Yog muaj lus noog thov hu tuaj rau peb TSWBSIVYISPRODUCTION, Ua Tsaug.
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want to see better VDO, select HD mode. you'll see the different.
From: plhlub
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From: nou xiong
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Noj 30 nyob rau Longxan, Los Tsuas xyoo 2011
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Yog Ntuj Pub Wb Rov Ntsib is one of my favorite songs from Luj Yaj. It is one of the theme songs for the new hit Hmong movie of 2012 called 1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws. If you have not seen this movie, go get yourself a copy. It is a great story!! To the producer and his team, if you feel that I might have violated your copyright material, please inform me and I will be pleased to remove it.
From: Doug Yang
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