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IAB LAUJ Best Music Video 2012-2013, Will Be Release During Hmong New Year In California.

txiv yawg Tsis tees koos loos ntxias niam yau. yog koj lam ho nyiam thiab no nrhiav yuav tau ntawm Hli nra 920-475-9768
From: thai yang
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Contact: Tswbsivyisproduction @ 559-513-2321. Nyob zoo txog ib tsoom NIAM TXIV KWV TIJ NEEJ TSA sawv daws, Muaj lus zoo siab thiab cia siab hais tias nej txhua leej txhua tus tseem yuav txhawj nqa peb "tswbsivyisproduction mus lawm yav tom ntej thiab". Yog muaj lus noog thov hu tuaj rau peb TSWBSIVYISPRODUCTION, Ua Tsaug.
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iab Lauj & Nruas Vwj nkauj tawm tshiab Rau Merced and Fresno New Year 2012 xov tooj-209-631-2115
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Yias Vaj Li Nkauj Tshiab - Zaj nkauj nov yog sau rau cov ntxhais nyob teb chaw nplog uas Hmoob Miskas yuav tau tuaj txog rau teb chaw miskas no es hloov siab ua phem rau nws tus txiv. Nkauj Hmoob Zoo Nkauj 2014 Nplog Laos Phonsavan lav 10
From: Yias Vaj
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IAB LAUJ And NTAJ THOJ best music video of the year, Will be releasing "June 2012". For more detail, please call us Asianvideoproduction @ 559-720-4481 Or 559-519-0287. Thank you.
From: Ger Vu
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Pageants Swimsuit Competition Merced Hmong New Year 2012-13 Day 3 Inside Stage Date: December 20-23, 2012 Events: Merced Hmong New Year 2012-13 Merced County Fairgrounds 900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Merced, CA 95340 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the shaky and uneven focus videos at some part... All of the videos are taken with a DSLR camera with 70-300mm lens, way at the back wall... everything are manually controlled...zoom, focusing etc... all hand held, no tripod are used
From: buclouie
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Release On Merced & Fresno New Years 2012-2013.
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Movie - Tus Zoo Tuag Lawm Got Bored And Didn't Have Anything To Do So Created This Song With This Movie.... Hope You All Enjoy :)) ----------------- And for those ppl who keeps taking video and re-uploading it please dont take mine and re-upload it if you do at least let me know lol...
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Yog Ntuj Pub Wb Rov Ntsib is one of my favorite songs from Luj Yaj. It is one of the theme songs for the new hit Hmong movie of 2012 called 1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws. If you have not seen this movie, go get yourself a copy. It is a great story!! To the producer and his team, if you feel that I might have violated your copyright material, please inform me and I will be pleased to remove it.
From: Doug Yang
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Ntsuag Lub Kua Muag, tu siab heev li. Kev hlub, kev tu siab, mob siab, chim siab. NEW RELEASE 2013, DUAB CI ENTERTAINMENT 704-699-8351. or email:
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Uploaded with permission from pxStudioProduction Song: By Nplaim Taws
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Hli Nra Thoj New Song Vol 2 coming soon October 2012. Copyright Protected. 2012. Unauthorized for downloading or re-uploading without permission. Thank you. muaj muag lawm xav tau hu los email pxent @yahoo thiab Khab Lis vol 11 For more information please contact PX Entertainment.
From: PXentMy
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This is my uncle's band. They are is coming out with a Album during the Fresno Hmong New Years 2012-2013. Please help show your support and buy a copy at the New Years CD has been shipped to MN. Anybody in that area should check out your local Hmong Asian Store. They should have them Listen to new full song:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Music Video Karaoke Volume 2!!
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Miss #1 Performance for Miss Hmong Thailand 2013 election in Paklang, Dec 15, 2012.
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This is Toua Yang from "Khuv Xim Tsis Tau Deev" third album featuring Chai Yang which will be coming up during the Hmong Merced and Fresno New Years 2012-2013. If you have any questions about this album, please contact us at (916)678-8858 or email to Thank You!
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Tus Hu: Paj Zaub Thoj # 3
From: vang75 .
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Nkauj Noog Hawj - Track 1: Nco Lub Yeej Vibnais Special Album: Nco Lub Yeej Vibnais Produced by: A Time Motion ***I will ONLY be posing up songs I like from this album and will not send anyone songs. I do not own these songs. It's put up for entertaining purposes. Copyright and produced by Time Motion Production/Caiv. To order please contact them at (704) 984-3263 or check out this Special Album at a Hmong Market near you. Enjoy!***
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From: Thai Thao
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Dej Nag Music Video 4 - Available Fresno Hmong New Year 2012-2013 PRE-ORDER NOW ON OUR WEBSITE: WWW.APPLEVIDEO.US Starring: Xyooj Chrissy "Miss Hmong Hmong California 2010", MX Vue "Miss Hmong United 2010", Ryo Aden Vu - Rising Hmong Actor, Tee Teej Tug Vang - Artist "Wb Mam Sib Hlub", and Green Card - Hmong Comedian Featuring: Special Preview of Tee Vang's Music Video Artist: Dej Nag Composer: Gayee Vue Director: Boualong Vue Director of Photography: Pheng Vue Film Editors: Boua Long Vue and Pheng Vue Screenplay: Boua Long Vue Cinematographers: Boua Long Vue and Pheng Vue Camera Crew: Peter Vang, Fue Vue, Tou Vue, Tha Vue, Jengsue Vang, Morshia Vang, Mai Xor Vang, Panhia Vang, Jessica, and more... Cover Photography: Kong Vue Photography and Vue Studio Make-Up Artist: Mai Xai Vue, Chrissy Xiong, and See Xiong Vue And more credits on the DVD... Visit our website at Like us on Facebook!
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From: Net2VDO
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Hmong New Year In Laos 2012-2013, Lav 52.
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Tsas Lis, cov nkauj tawm tshiab. Yuav tawm rau lub 4/2013 no.
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