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sai aatamuhammad camel qarbani cant #03326676968#03076050227
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Watch the fastest qurbani of camels in saudi arabia. Must watch Shocking qurbani of animals in saudi arabia.
From: Hasan Ali
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Camel qurbani in kamoke
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This is the Bigest Bull i'll see in my life...Thats was Awsome...Sibbi Bull 8lack
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bakra eid 2013,cow sacrifice 2013,camel sacrifice 2013,EID.UL.ADHAA 2013,COW QURBANI 2013,BAKRA EID QURBANI 2013,beautiful goats qurbani 2013,pakistan bakra eid 2013
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video uploaded from india
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qurbani karwany ka ley rabta mobile no 03326676968 pakistan in faisalabad
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From: fvtsoft
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Burney Autos Camel Qurbani 2011
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He is not a professional butcher he is master of computer science but he work like a butcher free of cost.
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This is the best Camel Qurbani i have ever seen & if you like this Video please Subscribe.
From: hmht786
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This video includes practical and detailed information on how to prepare, process a Lamb carcass. Under the guidance of a master butcher we learn the best practices when handling Lamb.
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Camel out of Control Before Qurbani - Camel ki qurbani - Camel Qurbani - 2012
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From: alijeeasz
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The BBQ Pit Boys 3 Pig Roast "low and slow" whole hogs and serve them with some of their favorite sides including slaw, barbeque beans, green beans and peppers, potato salad, corn bread, biscuits, cherry pie and a whole lot more! Print out this recipe with directions here:
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Watch Mark Swider Process a whole cow in under 12 minutes! Mark is the host and creator of the step-by-step deer processing dvd, DEER PROCESSING and Big Game Too. A step-by-step guide to preparing your catch for the kitchen. We will walk you through the entire process; from the skinning and cleaning, to the fat removal and proper slicing methods. We show you how to complete the process the easy way. To purchase a copy for $19.99, please email Mark at:
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Home made Authentic Arabic Food, buried under the ground in a brick oven heated by natural dry wood branches such as olive and grape they last long. The branches are put on fire then Heated until the fire and smoke disappear and it's all charcoals. Then insert the rice (Basmati) with right spices and SAMEN ( special arabic butter oil) the chicken are seasoned too. ........................The taste was so amazing the rice was really nice tasted so good because it was under the chicken taking all the good stuff! should be eaten with special hot arabic salsa made with spices.
From: JordanYmk
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One of my roamings in the desert i was able to take part in this crazy scene. Hope you like it...
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