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Easy Nerf Gun Cam Tutorial!

The Vulcan Revival project is finally complete! Performance and Cosmetic Upgrades put this Vulcan a tier above the rest. Features Spring Replacement, Deadspace Removal, Voltage Upgrade, Optic Mounting Platform, and a killer paintjob.
From: Aeromech
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An automatic Nerf cannon and a saddle mounted shotgun make this bike fully equipped for Nerf absurdities.
From: Aeromech
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The longest nerf war I've made READ STORY BELOW!: It takes place in the future where clones rule the Earth but there is a rebel base that has both clones and regular humans (and invisible bullets) Aidan a regular human is on a mission to steal information from the clone base. But after he does a clone shoots his good/clone boss. and now aidan wants revenge.
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Created on April 11, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Exactly what it sounds like. A giant Nerf turret created by bolting together four Nerf Stampedes to create a monstrosity. Watch in HD!
From: Aeromech
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Nerf emcee Ryan McDonough gives a play by play of the intense action at the Nerf Dart Tag World Championship Tournament in Orlando. Winners from all five Regional Tournaments competed for the ultimate prize and glory! Subscribe to the official NERF channel to stay updated with the latest YouTube videos from Hasbro. Official NERF YouTube Channel: Visit Our Website: See NERF Toys: Official NERF Facebook: Official NERF Twitter: Official NERF Instagram:
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Nerf War is what you want, Nerf War is what you get! Gun Vs Gun went soft? What? Never! We make the bloodiest Nerf Wars on youtube and the whole World! Think about subscribing to us click here: Custom Nerf Wars:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
From: GunVsGun
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Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 11: The Escape. This is the 11th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions. In this mission, Agent Iceman has been captured by a Taliban drug cartel. He has to try and escape from their heavily guarded complex. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos. If you liked this video please leave us a comment, like, or favorite, and remember to subscribe for more awesome videos! Social Media Links: Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram Be sure to follow us for updates, pictures, and more!
From: PDK Films
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I mounted a fully automatic Nerf gun turret onto an RC car!! I call it "Ankle Biter" and yes, it really works! This project was a super quick and easy hack and was a lot of fun! Want to see a full tutorial for how to make your own? Check it out here:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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TWITTER: Tommy is such an ass kicker and Danny is such a fat newb. Frankly, that kick ass boss Tommy is getting sick of looking at that dumb dork's face and it's time he messes that geek up. Watch as that wussy Danny tries to load up his Nerf arsenal of blasters to save himself from the epic pwnage coming his way. Loserboy loads up with his Nerf Recon, Deploy, Mavericks, Dart Tag gun, Jolt and a bunch of other stuff. Will he be able to survive the day when being hunted by a professional Newb Pwn3r? Tommy on Twitter: Danny on Twitter:
From: GunVsGun
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Well look who's back for more! Can you find all 5 white xbox controllers? Post a comment if you can! :-D Thanks to Conner at lolvfx (YouTube Channel - for the special effects!
From: CACox97
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I finally decided to make my Nerf Arsenal video!! It has everything you could possible hope for, AND MORE! Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to Rate, Comment and Subscribe.
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My first Nerf movie about a suitcase nuke stolen from the Russian Army so a squad has to infiltrate the enemy base and disarm it. There will be more Nerf movies coming out soon. I want to make this movie into series so tell me what the next one should be about.
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SCAR-H made from a broken airsoft gun and a modded nerf Alpha Trooper. Extended mag, dual clip, air restrictor mod, foregrip, acog sight, tactical hamster
From: hdingo
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This machine is unmatched in raw dart output. Featuring double voltage, electrical unification, and AR removals, the dual/siamese Nerf Stampede will make any attacking zombies think twice before confronting you. Dual Vehicle Mounted Stampedes:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
From: Aeromech
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My Nerf store: ----------------------------------------------------------------- This Nerf blaster was made to look like a Vladof sniper rifle from the video game Borderlands 2. It wasn't planned to be a 1:1 replica, more of a Nerf Longshot made to have the same feel as one. Modifications: - AR removed - Spring upgraded - Boltsled reinforced - Air seal enhanced - Access door unlocked Paint Job: - Black vinyl dye primer - Dark gray vinyl dye base coat - Citadel "Abaddon Black" accents - Citadel "Trollslayer Orange" details - Krylon Short Cuts "Chrome" dry brushing - Rustoleum matte clear coat
From: Coop772
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Follow me on Twitter!: SUB to my Channel!: Be sure to leave some FEEDBACK on this video, in the COMMENTS section below! Flan Mod Download: Nerf Gun Content Pack: My Texture Pack: Intro/Outro by: Intro Music: Outro Music:
From: Gez
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As Andrew wreaks havoc on the US with Lexar, the LPG moves to stop him. Behind the Scenes: Bloopers/Outtakes: Visit our website: We're social! Facebook: Google +:
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Trick Shots: Nerf style. ----------------------------------------­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME - ► VISIT our NEW STORE! - Watch more Nerf Perfect Shots! Music: Ground Zero by Byron "Mr Talkbox" Chambers Snag your own copy of the song here: iTunes Link: Our super cool aerial video came from our DJI Phantom Helicopter! Snag your own HERE: Hint: Use promo code "dudeperfect" for a free battery! NEW "GO BIG" TShirts! Do you have a GO BIG mindset? Find out in our newly published book, "Go Big." Watch our most recent vid - Go Kart Battle!"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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This is my homemade nerf gun. It's a complete original model, i designed it and built it myself. It's mainly made out of a bike pump, wood for the handle and trigger and a spring. You can compare its power with the nerf nite finder, they shoot about the same distance.
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LPG makes the final move in an epic conclusion to the Lexar series. Bloopers/Outtakes: Behind the Scenes: Visit our website: We're social! Facebook: Google +: - CAST Adam Oliver as Jim Julian Oliver as Jacob Kyle Atkinson as Kyle Andrew Kapral as Andrew SKULL TEAM Samuel Rode Justin Gracier Alex Kapral Allen Atkinson Gavin Bridigan Peter Gracier Daniel Rode Michael Rode Eric White CREW AND PRODUCTION Adam Oliver Writer, Director, Editor, Producer Julian Oliver Co-Producer, Craft Daniel Rode Behind the Scenes, Audio Recorder Peter Gracier Primary Steady Camera Operator Andrew Kapral Cameraman, Boom Operator
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WELCOME TO PLASTIC HELL! OVER 18 MILLION VIEWS! A Nerf War of epic proportions! One of the BEST NERF VIDEOS on YouTube! Guns flailing, hidden kittens, teleporting, and extra PINK pants! This is a continuation of the other video that I have. But more people wanted to be involved in it. It was hell to shoot. We had problems since day one. but i thank everyone who stuck around till the end. Song is Foetal by C-Tec
From: SiDN64
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I'm as shocked as you all about the huge number of views, and yes, it's obviously because it's bad. I know this. Everyone knows this. Let's be real here. But we all had fun filming it, and we didn't really try our hardest to make a legitimate video. In fact, we all never really tried our hardest early on. It was just a cool thing we did. Am I ashamed of this video? Not at all. The whole video doesn't take itself seriously at all. I want to keep everything I've ever created so I can have a collage of the evolution of what I've filmed starting when I was 15. Whether you like it or hate it, check out my more serious recent videos. Thanks, guys.
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Part 2: This time we get to meet Christopher and the new kid and get to understand them more. The only problem is, the new kid doesn't even know himself! Then, after a rough encounter with zombies at a parking lot, they finally form a relativeley good friendship, but with every friendship, there are secrets too.
From: CACox97
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Charlie and I fighting over a treasure *********IMPORTANT************ I'M MOVING TO TWO OTHER CHANNELS NOW. one gaming channel (not the stupid one I had before) THIS ONES F***ing LEGIT. HERE IT IS: ALSO I AM MOVING TO ANOTHER ONE JUST FOR MOVIES CALLED TICKING CLOCK STUDIOS.
From: ManHive
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