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Homemade Feta Cheese Visit the location and factory of where some of the best greek cheeses such as feta, graviera and mizithra are made.
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How to make Sirene, Bulgarian goats cheese. If there is one thing that most people will remember from restaurants in Bulgaria, it will be the famous Bulgarian salads, Shopska salad, Ovcharska salad, Hunters salad, and lots more. Most of the salads in Bulgaria are topped with Sirene and they taste really good. However, if you are really lucky, you may meet people that make their own, the taste is very different and people have their own ways. You could make it yourself though! Once you have done this, nothing else will do - this is how we do it, good luck Making home made cheese
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Δείτε πως παρασκευάζεται η φέτα, η μυζήθρα και το κεφαλοτύρι στην Ιθάκη. Ευχαριστούμε τον Δημήτρη Δόριζα (Δημιά). Μουσική: Prelude, J.S. Bach Εκτέλεση: Kevin McLeod
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Learn how to make feta cheese with Mary Jane Toth, author of A Cheesemaker's Journey. You can get everything you need to make feta in a great feta kit at WWW.HOEGGERFARMYARD.COM LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!
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This video will help you practice and learn the art of making feta at home! For more information and supplies, visit my website: Find the recipe and ingredients for Feta here:
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A great how to video on making Feta Cheese at home using your "Mad Millie Artisan's One Day Cheese Kit", or "Fresh Cheese Kit". See for more tips, to view stockists, or to purchase a kit online.
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Strict rules define what can be called Roquefort Cheese -- learn what goes into making "The King of Cheese."
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Παρασκευή Φέτας από την κ. Ελευθερία (Στεφούιτσα) στον Πολυπόταμο Φλώρινας
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Jason Akers from The Self-Sufficient Gardener Podcast (in collaboration with makes a cheddar the semi-traditional way.
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More recipes at I have to make most of my basics at home since I live in small town and sometimes, few basics are expensive as well. So I learned to make Mascarpone cheese at home and now I enjoy all great desserts and many other Mascarpone recipes with great taste and here is the recipe with written instructions: What is Mascarpone Cheese? A thick Italian cream cheese that tastes WAY better than store bought. Ingredients: •Whipping Cream -- 2 cups (500 ml) •Fresh Lemon Juice -- 1 Tble (15 ml) Yields: Approx. 3/4 lb (340 g) Direction: 1.Heat the whipping cream in a non-reactive saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly to prevent scorching. 2.When the cream reaches 190 F(heat up till see you some bubbles around edges), remove from the heat and stir in the lemon juice. Continue stirring until the cream curdles, and is thick enough to generously coat the back of a wooden spoon. Allow to sit, undisturbed, for 30 minutes. 3.Line a sieve with several layers of dampened cheesecloth (or a clean, damp cotton/linen dishcloth) and set over a bowl. Pour the cooled cream mixture into the sieve, and allow to drain, undisturbed, until cooled completely. Cover the sieve with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. 4.The next day, remove the cheese from the sieve in 1 piece and stir well to make smooth and creamy. Will keep in the fridge for 7 to 10 days. Tips: •this recipe is easily increased -- use 1 tble fresh lemon juice for every 2 cups of whipping cream •use your newly made cheese to make Tiramisu, or better yet, Tiramisu Cheesecake.
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How to make simple goat cheese, brought to you by the Henry Milker.
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Lou Palma teaches Melody Kettle how to make prosciutto from Berkshire pig. The pig leg is courtesy of Nicolosi Foods in Union City, New Jersey.
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If you enjoyed this video tutorial, please visit for more cheese making tips, recipes and eBooks. How to make home made Parmesan style cheese. Named after an area in Italy, Parma, Parmesan is one of the world's most popular and widely-enjoyed cheeses. It certainly tastes better than that powered stuff that you can buy in little green containers.
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It's easy to learn how to make ricotta cheese at home quickly and conveniently. Nothing tastes as good as fresh, home-made ricotta cheese! To make the ricotta recipe, first add whole milk to a bowl. Add two cups of cream. Stir it and keep the mixture bowl on the stove. Heat it to 185 degrees. Then, add vinegar and salt to this cheese recipe. Vinegar creates curds, while salt adds flavor to the finished cheese ricotta recipe. Add only a little salt to make the cheese, so the cheese can be used for desserts like cheesecake and pies. Cover the ricotta recipe with a clean dish cloth and let it rest for a while. This lets the curd settle. After two hours, take the bowl and spoon off the curd into a cloth. Drain the curds in the cloth to remove the moisture and press the cloth. Your fresh ricotta cheese recipe is ready! With this video, you can quickly learn how to make ricotta cheese. To explore further, visit our Williams-Sonoma website: Get free Ricotta Cheese recipes at the Williams-Sonoma website: Buy cheese boards and cheese knives from the Williams-Sonoma website:
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Have you always wanted to try making your own homemade cheese? Then this recipe is for you! Try out this beginner technique for scrumptious fromage blanc, and you'll see how easy it is to have the freshest cheese around. For more info, check out the article: Watch More How To Videos on our YouTube Channel: Watch More How To Videos on Connect with on Facebook: Follow Video on Twitter:
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Recipe: It is a LOT of fun to make your own cheese and it's actually pretty easy. It does takes a little bit of utensils and ingredients that you don't normally have, but they are easy to obtain and it is definitely worth the effort. The funny thing is that all the cheeses we know have the same basic recipe. Just small changes in how you follow the recipe gives the different cheeses. So if you can make a kind of cheese you can actually make them all. Feta cheese is one of the easiest and fastest. And you don't have to wait a month before it can be eaten. Therefore, it is an ideal starting cheese.
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This month we're making cheese at We have this video on making Cottage Cheese and another video on making Monterey Jack
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If you enjoyed this video tutorial, please visit for more cheese making tips, recipes and eBooks. How to make home made Parmesan style cheese. Named after an area in Italy, Parma, Parmesan is one of the world's most popular and widely-enjoyed cheeses. It certainly tastes better than that powered stuff that you can buy in little green containers.
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Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Swiss Cheese episode
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