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Homemade Feta Cheese

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This video will help you practice and learn the art of making feta at home! For more information and supplies, visit my website: Find the recipe and ingredients for Feta here:
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How to make your own Feta Cheese! How to make your own Feta Cheese! INGREDIENTS: 1 gallon of whole milk - Pasteurized NOT ultra pasteurized Warm milk to 80 degrees 2 teaspoon of salt ½ teaspoon 30% calcium chloride solution dissolved in 2 Tablespoon of water 1/8 teaspoon mild lipase powder dissolved in 2 Tablespoon of water 1/8 teaspoon Mesophilic A culture 30 drops of vegetable rennet dissolved into 1/4 cup of water I buy my ingredients at My other You Tube Channel: Follow me on twitter to see what I'm up to:
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Learn how to make feta cheese with Mary Jane Toth, author of A Cheesemaker's Journey. You can get everything you need to make feta in a great feta kit at WWW.HOEGGERFARMYARD.COM LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!
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A popular Filipino street food ideal for breakfast or snack or any time of the day. Easy and simple to make. If you don't live in the Philippines, and craving Taho. This is the easy way to make it. Music: 1. Oriental Trance 2 From: More Liz Kreate Recipe - About this Channel - Follow me on Facebook - Jewelry Making Tutorials - How to Find Gold and Gems - PEDRO the Budgie -
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Time: 07:51 More in Travel & Events Visit the location and factory of where some of the best greek cheeses such as feta, graviera and mizithra are made.
From: sam greco
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This is a step by step instructional video on how to make mozzarella cheese at home. This was done as a project for a speech/communications class at El Paso Community College.
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How to make simple goat cheese, brought to you by the Henry Milker.
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If you enjoyed this video tutorial, please visit for more cheese making tips, recipes and eBooks. Feta (Greek: φέτα) is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in Greece. Feta is an aged crumbly cheese, commonly produced in blocks, and has a slightly grainy texture. It is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads (e.g the Greek salad), pastries and in baking. It can also be served cooked or grilled, as part of a sandwich or as a salty alternative to other cheeses in a variety of dishes.
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How to make haloumi cheese at home, simply presented by Guru Ted. For more cheese making tips see...
From: GuruTed
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The manufacturing process of Parmesan cheese wheels in an Italian factory. If you're wondering...The remaining whey in the vat is traditionally used to feed the pigs from which "Prosciutto di Parma" (cured Parma ham) is produced.
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Производство 2-х видов сыра на выставке АгроФерма-2012. Мастер-класс от итальянских сыроделов Обсуждение, много фото и другое видео здесь
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Visit for a printable recipe and complete instructions. Music is open source, public domain from INGREDIENTS: WHOLE MILK (cow, goat or sheep) - 1.5 Gallons. RENNET - 1/2 tsp. liquid rennet diluted in 1/4 cup water CULTURE - 1/4 tsp. powered Mesophilic II or Aroma B or MT1 or 1/8 tsp. of Flora Danica or 1/4 cup of cultured buttermilk LIPASE powder - 1/8 tsp. (only for cows milk. Sheep and goat don't need this) CALCIUM CHLORIDE - 1/2 tsp. diluted in 1/2 c. water (optional if you're using store bought milk or if your milk is from a cow late or early in lactation) EQUIPMENT: Stock Pot Water-Bath Canner w/ rack available here. 12" Thermometer. 2 Basic basket molds A long spoon Icing knife, 12'' curd knife Measuring spoons and Measuring Cups Stainless Steel Colander Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Optional: pH meter
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The FarmOn Foundation is a non profit organization that supports young farmers through a new, online community of social learning called Farm Masters. Check out the free workshop videos at or
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Making deer sausage at Jennings Premium Meats. Check out our other video showing our newest linking system for snack sticks"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Making farmers cheese at home
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Discover how you can make this simple and delicious ricotta cheese right at your own kitchen. Aram and Ruben share their wealth. Homemade Ricotta Cheese Recipe 2 qts whole milk 1 cup of heavy cream ½ tea spoon salt 1 fresh lemon juice
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More recipes at I have to make most of my basics at home since I live in small town and sometimes, few basics are expensive as well. So I learned to make Mascarpone cheese at home and now I enjoy all great desserts and many other Mascarpone recipes with great taste and here is the recipe with written instructions: What is Mascarpone Cheese? A thick Italian cream cheese that tastes WAY better than store bought. Ingredients: •Whipping Cream -- 2 cups (500 ml) •Fresh Lemon Juice -- 1 Tble (15 ml) Yields: Approx. 3/4 lb (340 g) Direction: 1.Heat the whipping cream in a non-reactive saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly to prevent scorching. 2.When the cream reaches 190 F(heat up till see you some bubbles around edges), remove from the heat and stir in the lemon juice. Continue stirring until the cream curdles, and is thick enough to generously coat the back of a wooden spoon. Allow to sit, undisturbed, for 30 minutes. 3.Line a sieve with several layers of dampened cheesecloth (or a clean, damp cotton/linen dishcloth) and set over a bowl. Pour the cooled cream mixture into the sieve, and allow to drain, undisturbed, until cooled completely. Cover the sieve with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. 4.The next day, remove the cheese from the sieve in 1 piece and stir well to make smooth and creamy. Will keep in the fridge for 7 to 10 days. Tips: •this recipe is easily increased -- use 1 tble fresh lemon juice for every 2 cups of whipping cream •use your newly made cheese to make Tiramisu, or better yet, Tiramisu Cheesecake.
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Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Swiss Cheese episode
From: TRR56
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How to cure, smoke, and cook homemade bacon. It's much easier than you'd think; it just requires a couple of special ingredients and the right equipment. Jalapeño Garlic Bacon 3 lb. pork belly with skin attached 40 grams kosher salt (about 5 tbsp Diamond Crystal, about 3 tbsp Morton) 1 ½ tsp pink salt (Prague Powder # 1, Insta-Cure, DQ Curing Salt, etc.) 40 grams maple sugar (or 40 g/3 tbsp brown sugar) 5 cloves garlic* 4 mashed jalapeños* *optional flavors (Unfortunately, most savory ingredients don't really add much flavor. Try using sweeter additives, like 1/2 cup applesauce or 3 tablespoons maple syrup.) 1. Combine ingredients in a gallon-size zipper bag. Refrigerate for one week, flipping every other day. 2. Rinse pork belly and place on a rack in the refrigerator for 12 - 24 hours. 3. Smoke with apple wood at 200 degrees until the bacon has reached an internal temperature of 150 degrees. 4. Cool at room temperature for a couple of hours, but remove skin 10 - 15 minutes after removing from smoker. 5. Chill thoroughly in the refrigerator. Trim sides, ends, and top before slicing as desired. Sources for curing (pink) salt: Link to a highly informative discussion on the merits of nitrites and nitrates: Recipe adapted from/inspired by the bacon recipe in "Charcuterie" by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.
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You buy Mozzarella cheese at the grocery store but now you can make it at home. This short video shows you how to make Mozzarella cheese. For recipes that include cheese or other cheese related information, please visit
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Time: 06:55 More in People & Blogs To me, preparedness is more about attitudes and skills than gear and gadgets. The way that I build those skills are to create a sustainable lifestyle that allows me the ability to learn new things and then practice them. I am going to spend some time up-loading a few blog entries on home cheese making. I'm not doing this because making homemade cheese is cheaper than store-bought cheese (its not), or because I think you have to have to survive TEOTWAWKI (The End Of the World As We Know It) even if its a good way of storing milk without refrigerators. I am taking the time to post about cheese making because it is a good do it yourself skill that is fun and easy, but allows the prepper to start moving and planning, while teaching skills such as patience and how to plan for the future (it takes 6 months or more to see the benefits of a hard cheddar).
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