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Turkojan 4 ( ) Mx0

nessa video aula vcs vao aprende a usa o turkojan 4 com esse programa vc pode rouba orkut msn e outras coisa do pc dos amigos e inimigos todos os programas nessesarios vcs podem baixa no site totalmente gratis
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Nessa Aula Ensinei como criar sua propria pagina fake funcionando blz ? ( ) Mx0 õ//
From: diguims2
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( ) Nesta aula ensinei como estar criando uma conta no-ip blz bem usada nos trojans etc e! acessem nosso site ( ) Mx0 õ//
From: diguims2
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Nessa Aula Ensinei desde criar 1 servidor do spyone , deixar indetectavel , e se conectar com a vitima blz ? ( ) Mx0 õ//
From: diguims2
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Criando um server e configurando no turkojan 4 Visitem nosso site: ou
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Essa video aula faz parte do integrante do site Hacker BSB. vlw. Criando serve do turkojan, até se conectar.. Vlww.
From: bsbhacker
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Nessa Aula Ensinei como criar 1 gif no photoshop aula meio zuada mais ja inicando aulas, photoshop blzz ( ) Mx0 õ//
From: diguims2
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baixe o melhor programa de invadi pc!!!
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( ) Nessa Aula eo mostrei o que é spam e como se enviar spam blz ? sendo de divlgação ou de qualquer outra coisa ! ( ) Mx0 õ//
From: diguims2
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Espero que gostem
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Video aula ensinando a como usar o novo turkojan 4.0
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baixe os Links
From: alexhjdj
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quem quizer aulas gratis add meu msn aew so pedir videos i musicas no msn tbm tutoriais!!!!!!
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video em homenagem a minha paxão eterna e minha namorada *-* bruuh te amoo
From: diguims2
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From: 33213186
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como usar e infectar com esse trojan que esta arrasando como usar infectando vendo oq ele pode faser xD by:yan
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Criar server com o Turkojan 4 - Trojan de Invasão por conexão reversa Entre na "Nossa" Comunidade:
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essa video aula e sobre o trojan + famoso da net eu vou dizer como q o trojan funciona na maquina da vitima e prq algumas pessoas ñ conseghuem invadir por ele :x
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Configuranções basicas do serve turkojan 4.0
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in this episode i show you how to install and set up a no-ip account with port forwarding to allow your server to connect back to you there is 3 parts to this episode so be sure to watch them all in PART 2 i show you how to create a server with the best "hacker" settings and in PART 3 i show you and explain how to use every function on turkojan 4 link to PART 2 if your ready to move on:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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download do turkojan : OBS: nao esquessa de desativar seu antivirus porque esse programa e de hacker
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O site mudou de dominio. Agora é
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An overview of the Matrix Online with some footage from the final day of the game before the servers shutdown. This is mostly here just as a record of some of the game design choices I found intriguing. Please excuse my distorted, sickly voice. Update: I can't believe I forgot to go over one of my favorite features. Emotes. From GiantBomb: "The emote system is fairly elaborate in that it's not limited to single player actions like in other MMO titles. Two-player emotes are possible and, with both players consent, two characters can shake hands, kiss, slap one another and bump fists amongst many other animations. In addition to the emotes are moods that, when activated, alter the idle and movement animations of the character, allowing players to better convey their emotions while in a state of roleplay." List available at: *** If anybody has videos showing of emotes and/or moods in MxO, please let me know or respond to this video with them.
From: nmaster64
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