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Kera Vs Macan

tiger vs python
From: xagtho
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This is a educational channel all about wild and crazy mammal videos! Learn about different animals mating and breeding behaviors. All kinds of big animals, small animals, zoo animals, pets, dogs, cats, elephants, apes, and many more animal videos!
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Lions Eating Baboons : Documentary on Africa's Monkey Eating Lions. 2013 2014 This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here are about important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education. The Topics of these video documentaries cover just about everything including ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, plants, animals, wildlife, environmental issues, global warming, natural disasters, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, modern physics, World wars, battles, military and combat technology, current events, education, biographies, television, archaeology, Illuminati, Area 51, crime, mafia, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, news and current events, corruption, martial arts, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, monsters, mobsters, time travel
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Fenomenal, Unik & Misteri Alam, link: Jangan lupa JEMPOLnya dan Subscribe :)
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Maruto dan Yani, dua singa KBS kawin pada April 2012
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Simpanse lagi ML....
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Lions generally do not box , but their paw swipes are still stronger than tiger paw swipes. tiger Jabs are fast , but without power.
From: Schamah
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Tells about a sufi´s teacher who always watches and guides his students to be better inward and out. The tiger or prowler is him as for the prey is the own lower selves of his students...
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Setelah melakukan pengejaran panjang akhirnya dapat juga..........
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Attaque lion crocodile dans le park national de sèrengèti en tanzanie Lion Crocodile attack africa fight animal tanzania lac victoria elefante cocodrilo ataque león cazando serpientes sabana crocodile attack elephant lion rabzou35 hunting snake savannah attacco di coccodrillo ataque de leão crocodilo Лев крокодила атаки ライオンワニの攻撃 Lew atak krokodyla singa serangan buaya هجوم أسد تمساح leopard
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Time: 07:00 More in Pets & Animals Burmese pythons have an established permanent breeding population in South Florida and belong to the "new" apex predators of the Everglades today. Top predators like the american crocodiles and american alligators prey regularly on all kinds of reptiles, including pythons. An adult alligator will have little trouble to overpower, kill and eat any juvenile and in some cases even an adult constrictor. Nevertheless, a fully grown Burmese Python can reach over twenty feet in lengths and becomes extremely dangerous prey item for most crocodilians including the American Alligator. These large constrictors have not much to fear and will feed on most animals they come across (including alligators) when hungry. Python vs Alligator was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro near the Everglades in 2009.
From: ojatro
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original vid: videoartistico2008. If against use, just send message, I remove video AMUR LEOPARD CONSERVATION With 30 in the wild, it is the most endangered big cat species on Earth. ALTA is implementing a wide series of projects to save the species. Support at: BIOSPHERE EXPEDITIONS Their philosophy is based on a voluntarism principle, where you will spend your holidays helping scientists on a conservation project, see :"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Time: 01:50 More in Pets & Animals The New Vios G Limited and Vios TRD Sportivo . Don't miss it!
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From: Abu Bakar
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Who is the win if jaguar vs crocodile?
From: dorion55
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Gurgaon, India
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Pengunjung Taman Safari Longleat Inggris, hati-hatilah, ini bisa menjadi nasib anda. Monyet-monyet ini sedang diperkenalkan kembali dengan mobil-mobil. Untuk mempercepat proses ini, penjaga taman memberi para monyet sebuah kendaraan khusus lengkap dengan isinya. Monyet-monyet itu terlihat sangat senang namun mereka juga menghancurkan mobil Mercedes-Benz tersebut. Karena habitat monyet ini direnovasi selama dua tahun terakhir, mobil tersebut adalah salah satu cara untuk mereka beradaptasi kembali dengan pengunjung taman. Jika anda berencana ke sana, hat-hatilah bila bertemu monyet-monyet jahil ini.
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An anaconda is a large, non-venomous snake found in tropical South America. Although the name actually applies to a group of snakes, it is often used to refer only to one species in particular, the common or green anaconda, Eunectes murinus, which is one of the largest snakes in the world. Anaconda may refer to: Any member of the genus Eunectes, a group of large, aquatic snakes found in South America Eunectes murinus, the green anaconda, the largest species, is found east of the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago. Eunectes notaeus, the yellow anaconda, a small species, is found in eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. Eunectes deschauenseei, the darkly-spotted anaconda, is a rare species found in northeastern Brazil and coastal French Guiana. Eunectes beniensis, the Bolivian anaconda, the most recently defined species, is found in the Departments of Beni and Pando in Bolivia. The giant anaconda is a mythical snake of enormous proportions said to be found in South America. Any large snake that "crushes" its prey (see Constriction), if applied loosely, could be called anaconda.[1]
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Video uploaded from my phone.
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Dipelihara sejak kecil,tetapi apabila dewasa....
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I am sharing this because 1) this was unusual behavior (lions generally don't expend energy for such small rewards) and 2) you get suspense, drama, comedy and terror in 3 minutes. In my defense, I am ONLY rooting for the baboon because I would never want to witness another primate (including humans) being killed. Yes, I did want to see a kill but I was really hoping to see a zebra or wildebeest behind those bushes! But that's nature.
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