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Kera Vs Macan

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Fenomenal, Unik & Misteri Alam, link: Jangan lupa JEMPOLnya dan Subscribe :)
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Setelah melakukan pengejaran panjang akhirnya dapat juga..........
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Berita Aneh dan Unik di Dunia site info
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Zeco Ibre Begica i Macan Eldina Neimarlija
From: MrBikonja
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Tells about a sufi´s teacher who always watches and guides his students to be better inward and out. The tiger or prowler is him as for the prey is the own lower selves of his students...
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Attaque lion crocodile dans le park national de sèrengèti en tanzanie Lion Crocodile attack africa fight animal tanzania lac victoria elefante cocodrilo ataque león cazando serpientes sabana crocodile attack elephant lion rabzou35 hunting snake savannah attacco di coccodrillo ataque de leão crocodilo Лев крокодила атаки ライオンワニの攻撃 Lew atak krokodyla singa serangan buaya هجوم أسد تمساح leopard
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Lions generally do not box , but their paw swipes are still stronger than tiger paw swipes. tiger Jabs are fast , but without power.
From: Schamah
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Maruto dan Yani, dua singa KBS kawin pada April 2012
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Binatang Yang Saling Sayang Menyayangi Visit
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PRODUCT, WEBSITE, BRAND etc.. WILL BE ADVERSITED. CONTACT: An anaconda is a large, non-venomous snake found in tropical South America. Although the name actually applies to a group of snakes, it is often used to refer only to one species in particular, the common or green anaconda, Eunectes murinus, which is one of the largest snakes in the world. Anaconda may refer to: Any member of the genus Eunectes, a group of large, aquatic snakes found in South America Eunectes murinus, the green anaconda, the largest species, is found east of the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago. Eunectes notaeus, the yellow anaconda, a small species, is found in eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. Eunectes deschauenseei, the darkly-spotted anaconda, is a rare species found in northeastern Brazil and coastal French Guiana. Eunectes beniensis, the Bolivian anaconda, the most recently defined species, is found in the Departments of Beni and Pando in Bolivia. The giant anaconda is a mythical snake of enormous proportions said to be found in South America. Any large snake that "crushes" its prey (see Constriction), if applied loosely, could be called anaconda.[1]
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siapa yang menang
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original vid: videoartistico2008. If against use, just send message, I remove video AMUR LEOPARD CONSERVATION With 30 in the wild, it is the most endangered big cat species on Earth. ALTA is implementing a wide series of projects to save the species. Support at: BIOSPHERE EXPEDITIONS Their philosophy is based on a voluntarism principle, where you will spend your holidays helping scientists on a conservation project, see :"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Tiger Attacks Man: Real Tiger Attack Stunt SUBSCRIBE: MEET the only man in the world who can withstand a full-scale assault by a 400lb tiger. Fearless Randy Miller, 45, has trained big cat Eden to leap 15 feet and pile-drive him into the ground in an inch-perfect fake tiger attack. It then looks like Randy's days are numbered as the huge predator then mauls him on the floor. But it's all part of the duo's purr-fect act - as Randy walks away unharmed. Dad-of-two Randy rears his star animals from birth and uses his lifelong bond with them to achieve wild things on the big screen. He bottle fed Eden when she was a cub, and eventually taught her to jump on him for food rewards. Randy's predator stunts are so astonishing they landed him a top stunt award for his work on Russell Crowe blockbuster Gladiator after - they superimposed Crowe's face onto Randy for a famous scene when main character Maximus was attacked by one of Miller's tigers, Tara, in a Colosseum battle. At his special animal training facility in Big Bear, California, Randy has trained amazing creatures for roles in Transformers 2, The Last Samurai and many other movies. Videographer / Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu Producer: Liam Miller Editors: Ben Churcher / Ian Phillips / Joshua Douglas For more amazing footage of the amazing side of life, visit the Barcroft Media website: Like Barcroft Media on Facebook: Follow Barcroft Media on Twitter:
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Inilah Rahmat Allah yg dilimpahkan pada mahluk-Nya agar saling mengasihi. Seekor harimau, memburu seekor monyet betina yg sedang bunting, setelah membunuh dan menyeretnya tiba-tiba terkeluarlah janin (anak) dari perut monyet betina tersebut, Lantas apa yg di lakukan oleh harimau tersebut..??? Ianya seakan menyesal membunuh ibu monyet tersebut, lantas sbagai menebus ksalahan, ia mengasihi, merawat dan melindungi anak monyet yg baru lahir itu.. saksikanlah..!!
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Más videos aquí Activen los subtitulos es el icono CC o cuadrito [=] que esta abajo a la derecha del video, si no lo activan no podrán ver la información. Si estas en móvil... colócalo en modo ordenador.«Leer más»» 00:10 cocodrilo del Nilo (africano) vs león de Angola 00:51 cocodrilo de las marismas (hindú o persa) vs tigre de bengala 01:18 búfalo cafre negro (africano) vs cocodrilo 01:58 búfalo cafre negro vs león de masái 02:33 búfalo de agua (indio o hindú) vs tigre de bengala 02:55 búfalos africanos vs tigres de bengalas, jóvenes 03:20 oso negro americano vs león de transvaal 03:38 oso grizzly vs león hindú o persa (asiático) 04:01 oso pardo vs tigre de siberia (amur) 04:20 oso bezudo vs tigre de bengala 04:45 tigre de bengala caza un Ciervo sambar 04:57 león del congo caza un Eland 05:16 tigre de siberia caza un Ciervo macho (reno) 05:37 león de masái caza una cebra común 05:58 tigre de bengala caza un gaur 06:20 león vs hipopótamo y rinoceronte 06:48 tigre de bengala vs jabalí 07:07 león de áfrica occidental cazando búfalos cafres rojos 07:23 Hiena rayada vs tigre de bengala 07:42 Hiena manchada vs león de transvaal 07:58 tigre de siberia ataca a una vaca 08:16 león de berbería ataca a caballos 08:26 tigre de bengala cazando ciervos en el agua 08:42 pareja de leones cazando cebras y ñus 09:05 tigre de siberia (amur) 09:15 león de berbería (atlas) 10:40 tigres de bengalas vs leones asiáticos (hindú o persas) 11:02 león asiático vs tigre de siberia 11:12 león asiático vs tigre de bengala 12:00 leones asiáticos vs tigres de bengala 12:24 león esquiva golpes 12:47 tigres blancos vs leonas 13:23 león africano vs tigre de bengala 13:46 ¡El ganador! Especie león (Panthera leo) Existen 8 subespecies de leones actuales, entre las ocho las dos siguientes son las más grandes: León de berbería (atlas): peso 150-300 kg, longitud 270-340 cm, altura 105-125 cm. León de transvaal (sudafricano): peso 150-250 kg, longitud 250-290 cm, altura 105-123 cm. Especie tigre (Panthera tigris) Existen 6 subespecies de tigres actuales, entre las seis las 2 siguiente son las más grandes: Tigre de siberia (amur): peso 150-300 kg, longitud 275-330 cm, altura 90-110 cm. Tigre de bengala (indio): peso 150-270 kg, longitud 270-310 cm, altura 90-107 cm.
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Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden SUBSCRIBE: While most people spend their golden years relaxing in their garden Janice Haley chooses to hand feed the two man-eating tigers she keeps in hers. Saber -- a 600 pound white Bengal male and Janda -- a 400 pound orange Bengal female live in a cage at the back of Janice's unassuming suburban home. Each day Janice, 57 hand feeds the gentle giants and Saber -- the baby of the pair - can't get off to sleep without suckling on her finger. She happened upon her extraordinary life around 20 years ago when she quit her job as an admin assistant to spend more time working outdoors. After spotting an ad for a tiger training course in her local paper she applied and two years later arrived home with Chuffer the tiger cub. She was immediately BITTEN by the tiger bug and in 2002 bought Janda -- who is now 12 -- to live with Chuffer. After Chuffer's death in 2007 little Saber -- who was only two weeks old at the time -- was introduced to the enclosure -- much to the annoyance of Janda. Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Daniel Howlett Editor: Ian Phillips / Daryl Hopkins For more amazing footage of the amazing side of life, visit the Like Barcroft TV on Facebook: Follow Barcroft TV on Twitter: Follow Barcroft TV on Instagram: Barcroft Media website:
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Neoconservatists - Who They Are and Their Powers in the Government ( Documentary ) Bonobo Ape - Our Closest Relative (Nature Documentary) 2013 This documentary as well as the rest of these documentaries shown here relate to important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education. The Topics of these video documentaries are varied and cover ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, World wars, battles, military and combat technology, current events, education, biographies, television, archaeology, Illuminati, Area 51, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, news and current events, corruption, martial arts, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, monsters
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