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Cordova High Steppers Majorette Practice (2011).MOV

CHEERLEADERS!!! MAJORETTES!!! SENIOR RECOGNITION!!! Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Majorette & Cheer Sponsor, Cordova High School, Cordova, Tennessee
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Kids get aggitated over basketball game. June 2011
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From: FloSteps
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Majorettes of Cordova High School Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor Produced by: Eve Newby TNU Productions, Inc. Ms. Armour, Co-Sponsor Ms. Webb, Coach
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Cordova High vs. White Station High featuring the Wolfpack Cheerleaders!!!
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04.23.14 After we refused to move since we weren't breaking the law or impeding traffic, they decided to call the MPD. They tried to bully us. A teacher approaches before they arrive to tell me he agrees with our position but disagrees with the graphic images. Ever hear that before? I invite him to sit down with me sometime if he has better ideas. It's interesting to note that pro-life people who disagree with our tactics are usually the ones who don't do anything but hold a position in name only but do nothing to attempt to abolish child sacrifice in our country.
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Soutěž 5.5.2012 v Hluku
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Time: 05:31 More in Entertainment International Majorettes Festival 2008 in Opatija, Croatia.
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CORDOVA HIGH STEPPERS @ RALEIGH JAMBOREE, Part 1, Memphis, Tennessee/ Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor
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The field show is titled Invincible. This is the last practice on our field for this season. November 15, 2013
From: Galina C
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via YouTube Capture
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Dancing Dolls performs a routine @ the Mighty Marchers of Memphis Jamboree 2011
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Team prop 2011
From: sidmind1
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Come rain or shine the show must go on. They did their best despite the weather condition. For the record, it was their time to shine when the rain was at its peak. No wonder the Majorettes got the 1st place while the DLC 2nd place. Kudos to LCCians!!!
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Performance at The Bandmasters Championship - November 2, 2013 - Liberty Bowl Stadium - Memphis, Tennessee. Presented by the University of Memphis. Class AA Champion
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LeRon Black, 6'7" 190 lbs SG/SF, is a physical specimen. At his size, Black has the quickness and foot speed to dance on the wing with the guards and the toughness and attitude to bang on the block with the big boys. His transition from middle school to high school basketball was about as tough as any transition to a higher level, but Black kept his composure and posted pretty good numbers for a freshmen. Black just recently had an awesome showing at the Super Soph. camp. Mark my word, LeRon will be one of the best basketball players to ever come out of the city of Memphis.
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cordova salsa club,dancing batchta at the 1st annual CHS multicultural..
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DHS plyn lil.jon prt1
From: 14moochie
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The 2011 - 2012 Woodlands High School Highsteppers perform their open routine during the Crowd Pleasers Austin Showcase in Round Rock, Texas on Saturday, February 25, 2012.
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