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Cordova High Steppers Majorette Practice (2011).MOV

CHEERLEADERS!!! MAJORETTES!!! SENIOR RECOGNITION!!! Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Majorette & Cheer Sponsor, Cordova High School, Cordova, Tennessee
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Kids get aggitated over basketball game. June 2011
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2011 battle of the bands
From: 124Dabest
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Cordova high school dance 9-19-08
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The Mitchell High Drummer's of Distinction won first place in the 2nd annual Ole Skool Majorette and Drummer Competition at Woodale High School in Memphis,Tn. April 2.,2011.
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Cordova High School harlem shake.
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Cordova High Steppers @ Divas Jamboree @ Southwest College in Memphis, Tennessee. Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor; Ms. T. Armour, Co-Sponsor
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Tha baddest ladies in the south, better known as the "Lovely Jewels of the South", BDHS is a brand new dance team from Memphis, Tennessee presenting the classy side of being a "majorette". Enjoy! Director: Monica Johnson
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majorette dance hip hop jazz funk
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Cordova High vs. White Station High featuring the Wolfpack Cheerleaders!!!
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04.23.14 After we refused to move since we weren't breaking the law or impeding traffic, they decided to call the MPD. They tried to bully us. A teacher approaches before they arrive to tell me he agrees with our position but disagrees with the graphic images. Ever hear that before? I invite him to sit down with me sometime if he has better ideas. It's interesting to note that pro-life people who disagree with our tactics are usually the ones who don't do anything but hold a position in name only but do nothing to attempt to abolish child sacrifice in our country.
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Dancing Dolls performs a routine @ the Mighty Marchers of Memphis Jamboree 2011
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SUBSCRIBE ! LIKE ! COMMENT ! DO SOMETHING ! So I Was Invited By My Cousin Who Was Hosting Cordova High School's Asian Club Talent Show To Perform. I Was Originally Suppose To Perform With Some Instrumentals. However. Though It Wasn't An Unfortunate Incident At The End Of The Day. My Lap Top Malfunctioned On Me Right When It Was My Time To Go Up And Showcase My Talent ! How Embarrassing ! Luckily The Audience Enjoyed It & Some Guy Who Kind Of Threw Me Off Ran Out The Crowd After One Of My Lines ! It Was Hilarious ! Big Shout Outs To Him ! He Was Also One Of The Performers ! I Also Received 1ST Place & Did A Short Encore Before Heading Back Home. :) This Was Definitely An Honor !
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cordova salsa club,dancing batchta at the 1st annual CHS multicultural..
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Texas Southern University "Motion of the Ocean" perform 6 hot & sexy "Booty Shaking" routines at Delmar Stadium '08 VS Grambling. Copyright © 2008 Etech Multimedia. All Rights Reserved.
From: bkeaton22
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Performance at The Bandmasters Championship - November 2, 2013 - Liberty Bowl Stadium - Memphis, Tennessee. Presented by the University of Memphis. Class AA Champion
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Here are a few highlights from Cordova High School's 6'2" Senior Combo Guard, Darrell Spencer. Spencer is highly skilled to play both the point and shooting guard positions. He has a soft shooting touch with nifty ball handling skills, and also sneaky athleticism.
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The G-Town Royalettez & Knightz Drill Team & Drum Squad 16th Annual Drill Team & Drum Competition
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Wayne state majorettes performing at before a basketball game.
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DHS plyn lil.jon prt1
From: 14moochie
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CORDOVA HIGH STEPPERS @ RALEIGH JAMBOREE, Part 1, Memphis, Tennessee/ Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor
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f5et (5feet) - Cy Ridge Talent Show, Houston, Texas. Saturday 10th December 2005. The Song List: (1) - 00:12-00:35 - Lil Wayne - Fireman (2) - 00:35-00:43 - Pharrell - Can I Have It Like That (3) - 00:43-01:02 - J Kwon - Hood Hop (4) - 01:03-01:32 - Cassie - Me and You (5) - 01:40-02:10 - Mashonda - Back of the Club (6) - 02:11-02:41 - Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitbull - Shake (7) - 02:42-03:31 - Missy Elliot ft. Ciara - Lose Control (8) - 03:40-03:59 - Ciara - Goodies (9) - 04:00-04:43 - Ebony Eyes - In Ya Face Names of the dancers in this routine are:- Clare Rosacina (the 1 with dyed blonde hair) Merlyn Rosacina (Merls) (Merlessa) Kathy Nguyen (the 1 that does the splits) Kristin Carlos (KC) Nika de los Santo Rochellie Fagan (Shelly) Barbara Orbita (Barbie) FACTS: The group named themselves F5et (5feet) because at the time, they were all 5ft in height. F5et WON 1st place for this routine in this Talent Show on 10th December 2005.
From: f5et
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From: mrsjwaits
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