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Cordova High Steppers Majorette Practice (2011).MOV

CHEERLEADERS!!! MAJORETTES!!! SENIOR RECOGNITION!!! Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Majorette & Cheer Sponsor, Cordova High School, Cordova, Tennessee
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Kids get aggitated over basketball game. June 2011
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Cordova High vs. White Station High featuring the Wolfpack Cheerleaders!!!
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Cordova High School harlem shake.
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Százszorszép Majorette Group Szendrő ( HUNGARY ) XI. Europen Majorette Championship I. Majorette World Championship senior baton stage Leader: Molnár Katalin
From: mazsi1989
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2011 battle of the bands
From: 124Dabest
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04.23.14 After we refused to move since we weren't breaking the law or impeding traffic, they decided to call the MPD. They tried to bully us. A teacher approaches before they arrive to tell me he agrees with our position but disagrees with the graphic images. Ever hear that before? I invite him to sit down with me sometime if he has better ideas. It's interesting to note that pro-life people who disagree with our tactics are usually the ones who don't do anything but hold a position in name only but do nothing to attempt to abolish child sacrifice in our country.
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březen 2010
From: dlap2009
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Follow me on Twitter
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AFMF - CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE DE MAJORETTE - SOLO 2013 à THORIGNY SUR MARNE LE 20 OCTOBRE 2013 Catégorie : Honneur II-A. Candidate du Club de St Cyr L'École : Kathleen âgée de 11 ans.
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Soutěž 5.5.2012 v Hluku
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"TIGER" 1. vicemajster Európy a sveta 2014
From: michelle
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The Mitchell High Drummer's of Distinction won first place in the 2nd annual Ole Skool Majorette and Drummer Competition at Woodale High School in Memphis,Tn. April 2.,2011.
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Performance at The Bandmasters Championship - November 2, 2013 - Liberty Bowl Stadium - Memphis, Tennessee. Presented by the University of Memphis. Class AA Champion
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Tha baddest ladies in the south, better known as the "Lovely Jewels of the South", BDHS is a brand new dance team from Memphis, Tennessee presenting the classy side of being a "majorette". Enjoy! Director: Monica Johnson
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From: wibi37
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Cordova hosted Seward, Palmer and Su Valley for a meet on Friday, August 16th in Cordova, Alaska.
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Cordova High School is joining with two schools in Germany to create a partnership that will be beneficial to students, teachers, and parents alike. IB Diploma Program students will be able to communicate with their counterparts at Schillerschule, an IB school in Hannover, Germany. Cordova students, MYP and DP, will be able to partner with students at Gymnasium Uetze a non-IB school just outside Hannover. Universities in the United States are continuing to increase acceptance of IB coursework for college credit. Since 2006, the UC and CSU systems have awarded 30 quarter or 20 semester units to Diploma students with qualifying scores.
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CORDOVA HIGH STEPPERS @ RALEIGH JAMBOREE, Part 1, Memphis, Tennessee/ Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor
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majorette dance hip hop jazz funk
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The field show is titled Invincible. This is the last practice on our field for this season. November 15, 2013
From: Galina C
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Texas Southern University "Motion of the Ocean" perform 6 hot & sexy "Booty Shaking" routines at Delmar Stadium '08 VS Grambling. Copyright © 2008 Etech Multimedia. All Rights Reserved.
From: bkeaton22
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In Sport Hall Žatika in Poreč, Croatia from 28.-31.8.2014. will be held Majorette-sport WORLD Championship and XI. European Majorette-sport Championship. In these four days we will see 163 teams from 14 countries from three continents. Come and enjoy with us! The competition is organized by Croatian Federation of Majorettes and Pom-Pon Teams.
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The G-Town Royalettez & Knightz Drill Team & Drum Squad 16th Annual Drill Team & Drum Competition
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