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Cordova High Steppers Majorette Practice (2011).MOV

Kids get aggitated over basketball game. June 2011
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European Championship 2013 Lillehammer - Traditional Majorettes Corps Junior
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Majorettes of Cordova High School Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor Produced by: Eve Newby TNU Productions, Inc. Ms. Armour, Co-Sponsor Ms. Webb, Coach
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Cordova high school dance 9-19-08
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2011 battle of the bands
From: 124Dabest
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CHEERLEADERS!!! MAJORETTES!!! SENIOR RECOGNITION!!! Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Majorette & Cheer Sponsor, Cordova High School, Cordova, Tennessee
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Cordova High School harlem shake.
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Závody Bílovec
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The CSR Majorette & DLC ranked 1st among 9 contingents in their respective categories during the Peñafrancia Regional Majorette and DLC Exhibition Competition last September 14, 2013 held at Plaza Quezon, Naga City. Congratulations Rosarians! :D Viva La Virgen! Viva El Divino Rostro!
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Cordova High Steppers @ Divas Jamboree @ Southwest College in Memphis, Tennessee. Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor; Ms. T. Armour, Co-Sponsor
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Time: 28:34 More in Sports International Majorettes Festival 2008 in Opatija, Croatia.
From: apretna1
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The Mitchell High Drummer's of Distinction won first place in the 2nd annual Ole Skool Majorette and Drummer Competition at Woodale High School in Memphis,Tn. April 2.,2011.
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Tha baddest ladies in the south, better known as the "Lovely Jewels of the South", BDHS is a brand new dance team from Memphis, Tennessee presenting the classy side of being a "majorette". Enjoy! Director: Monica Johnson
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"TIGER" 1. vicemajster Európy a sveta 2014
From: michelle
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From: wibi37
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Come rain or shine the show must go on. They did their best despite the weather condition. For the record, it was their time to shine when the rain was at its peak. No wonder the Majorettes got the 1st place while the DLC 2nd place. Kudos to LCCians!!!
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Cordova High vs. White Station High featuring the Wolfpack Cheerleaders!!!
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majorette dance hip hop jazz funk
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Soutěž 5.5.2012 v Hluku
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CORDOVA HIGH STEPPERS @ RALEIGH JAMBOREE, Part 1, Memphis, Tennessee/ Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor
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at freshman assembly
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Dancing Dolls performs a routine @ the Mighty Marchers of Memphis Jamboree 2011
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DHS plyn lil.jon prt1
From: 14moochie
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