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Cordova High Steppers Majorette Practice (2011).MOV

CHEERLEADERS!!! MAJORETTES!!! SENIOR RECOGNITION!!! Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Majorette & Cheer Sponsor, Cordova High School, Cordova, Tennessee
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Kids get aggitated over basketball game. June 2011
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2011 battle of the bands
From: 124Dabest
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Cordova high school dance 9-19-08
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Time: 01:52 More in Entertainment International Majorettes Festival 2008 in Opatija, Croatia.
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Majorettes during the prestigous festival in Bicol Region Philippines
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Cordova High Steppers @ Divas Jamboree @ Southwest College in Memphis, Tennessee. Mrs. Genevieve Thomas, Sponsor; Ms. T. Armour, Co-Sponsor
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Cordova High School harlem shake.
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Sestřih 2.části soutěže "Pódiové formace -- Klasická mažoretka" v kategorii mladších dětí. 1. Mohelnické mažoretky ZUŠ - Mohelnice 2. Mažoretky "Pusinky" - Říčany u Brna 3. Mažoretky "Včeličky" - Hluk 4. Mažoretky "Minipanenky" - Hranice 5. Mažoretky KST a TŠ Mědílkovi" - Zlín 6. Mažoretky "Pomněnky" - Šlapanov 7. Mažoretky "Lentilky" - Holešov 8. Mažoretky "Anife Rosice" - Rosice 9. Mažoretky "Mini Šance" - Hranice
From: digitvt
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The Mitchell High Drummer's of Distinction won first place in the 2nd annual Ole Skool Majorette and Drummer Competition at Woodale High School in Memphis,Tn. April 2.,2011.
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Overall champion
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majorette dance hip hop jazz funk
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Tha baddest ladies in the south, better known as the "Lovely Jewels of the South", BDHS is a brand new dance team from Memphis, Tennessee presenting the classy side of being a "majorette". Enjoy! Director: Monica Johnson
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Cordova High vs. White Station High featuring the Wolfpack Cheerleaders!!!
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Soutěž 5.5.2012 v Hluku
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Here are a few highlights from Cordova High School's 6'2" Senior Combo Guard, Darrell Spencer. Spencer is highly skilled to play both the point and shooting guard positions. He has a soft shooting touch with nifty ball handling skills, and also sneaky athleticism.
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04.23.14 After we refused to move since we weren't breaking the law or impeding traffic, they decided to call the MPD. They tried to bully us. A teacher approaches before they arrive to tell me he agrees with our position but disagrees with the graphic images. Ever hear that before? I invite him to sit down with me sometime if he has better ideas. It's interesting to note that pro-life people who disagree with our tactics are usually the ones who don't do anything but hold a position in name only but do nothing to attempt to abolish child sacrifice in our country.
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The field show is titled Invincible. This is the last practice on our field for this season. November 15, 2013
From: Galina C
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The 2010 Bandmasters Championship October 23 2010 Memphis Tennessee Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium
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Dancing Dolls performs a routine @ the Mighty Marchers of Memphis Jamboree 2011
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Performance at The Bandmasters Championship - November 2, 2013 - Liberty Bowl Stadium - Memphis, Tennessee. Presented by the University of Memphis. Class AA Champion
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cordova salsa club,dancing batchta at the 1st annual CHS multicultural..
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