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Boy from Sialkot wheeling on the bike Amazing video for more videos goto
From: Jalaybii
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A Story and a horrible end of a one wheelers life
From: amjad80pk
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From: razwan67
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Guys Wheeling around on highway; Lahore to Kasur ~Really Pleasant Day~
From: arslanz2
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gud job
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Higher Is Better
From: I'm rAj
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GuLa BhAi UP-95 ISLMBD No. 1 Pakistani Bikers....
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2012 bike stunts+wheeli by Okara's own Malik Zaheer Ahmad Heera(Best wheeler n 8 consecutive snooker championship winner in Okara) 03128067008... WATCH IN 720p Okara wheelers, sahiwal wheelers, Pakpattan wheelers, Vehari Wheelers, Bahawalnagar wheelers,bahawalpur wheelers,Jhang wheelers, faisalabad Wheelers, lahore wheeler pakistani wheelers, gujrat wheeler paki wheerlers, run ways, Haiderabad wheelers, Chiniot wheelers, Kasur wheelers, shekhopura wheelers, Sailkot wheelers,Jehlam wheelers, Kalar kahar wheelers, hafizabad wheelers, Narowal wheelers, Depalpur wheelers, samundari wheelers, tandla wheelers, amazing, great, game, challenge, nice, wonderful, karachi wheeler islamabad wheeler multani wheeler Dera wheelers, Desert Wheelers, lahore wheeler gujranwala wheeler pindi wheeler cant wheelars Gujrat wheelers Sargodha wheelers pathan wheelers baloch wheelers punjabi wheelers Top wheeler.
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Time: 02:09 More in Entertainment link to khan page on facebool usman khan ( pakistani biker )wheelie on CBR 600 rr ...heavy bike in pakistan ( lahore ) my facebook page
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This video is made from different clips just to glorify the art of pindi wheelers.Sami bhai the best wheeler.Yar we want you bake at 6th road rawalpindi.Cox of police sami and other bikers are not performing the stunts.We want police to provide just one road for wheeling.Wheeling isn't a crime its just a game.We want these wheelers back to show the world What we pakistani's are......Like the video if u agree to me... tags... karim khan wheeling sami 302 group mano manu 302 wheeling group rawalpindi 6th road faizabad faisalabad ariq wheelar faisalabad Wheelers, pakistani wheelers, bao wheeler OMG, honda 125, paki wheerlers, run ways, friends, bikes tour, high ways wheelers, one wheel, bike stunts,tariq wheelar faisalabad Wheelers, pakistani wheelers, OMG, honda 125, paki wheerlers, run ways, friends, bikes tour, high ways wheelers, one wheel, bike stunts,Featuring dare devils hassan wheeler shairi wheeler nasir mehar wheeler sami wheeler raheem wheeler arslan wheeler etc pakistani talented daredevils gujrat wheeler Yahmaha wheeler SAMI & RAHEEM WHEELING 302
From: Pindi302
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HI guyz plz dont do strunts on bike plz stop,because life is very important and come once so plz dont waste ur life A public message from a Son Pakistan
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death bcos of wheeling on bike
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SAMI WHEELING 302 friends must watch it once it is fantastic video of sami wheeler in rawalpindi amazing stunts.SAMI WHEELING RAWALPINDI DANGEROUS STUNTS,ISLAMABAD
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Documentary on Road Accidents in Karachi, Pakistan. The main purpose for this video is to educate people for driving safely.
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A rikshaw wheeling in Lahore
From: pikermk
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Majeed Khan the great wheeler of buraf khana presented by Raja Javed
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SAMI & RAHEEM WHEELING 302. sami wheeler in pakistan rawalpini on murree road he is fantastic wheeler must watch his wheeling stunt 302
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Time: 00:10 More in Sports Lady Slapped a Policeman for misbehaving at Lahore Airport
From: UrduNews
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watch video of bikes plz comment on this and rate.
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