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There's some sweet commentary this time. We may have witnessed the conception of their first baby rhino!
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Wild Wives of Africa: Do or Die : TUE NOV 8 9 et/pt : One species seems to have found the perfect method for keeping everyone in a state of total harmony.
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zafrul horse farm kuala linggi malaysia
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my mare horse on her day,con un precioso semental andaluz.
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Time: 00:34 More in Pets & Animals Mating lions. We visited Pretoriuskop (kruger national park, south africa) for a few nights in February 2010, and when we left camp early morning we came across these 2 lions. We were the first on the scene and stayed there for about 1,5 hours. They mated a few times (approx every 30 minutes). The female is the one growling, and the male the one that makes squeaking noises. This was the first time we saw Lions Mating Full version..."font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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pa que vean que las spring breakers tambien son motivo de ex***** para algunos animales de la zona
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This is our Horse "Gay" he gets very itchy but because he is old he can't reach the itchy bits himself so he needs some help. He makes some stupid faces when you give him a scratch.
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We are in Colorado for our vacation and one of our first stops was bear country USA. When we were there it must have been mating season or something cause this little guy was very happy.
From: Devon L
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çok eğlenceli bir çiftleşme sahnesi
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This is the first time Dizzy mated. We was lucky to find a really god male and this is a very rare combination. We believe in only natural breeding. Are you are interested in summerpuppies? Welcome to visit our homepage (coming soon)!
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What a surprise when I saw two rhinoceroses mating at a safari park. He is a big dude and was having a "hard" time becoming a Daddy!! More fun: Check out the South Beach Crasher Gangnam Video!!!
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sin comentarios
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Tecnica de como hacer caballitos...
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Wong: Here's something you don't hear about every day. A python near Pune city in western India state swallowed a deer alive on Christmas day. But it wasnt the easiest of meals to keep down. Please be warned that this report may contain graphic images. STORY: About 30 miles outside of Pune, a farmer couple in Mulshi village were taken aback when they came across a 12-foot python lying in their field with a swollen abdomen. The python seemed lethargic as it lay still. Soon, frightened villagers collected at the site. Volunteers from "Friends of Nature" then arrived . and identified the snake as a rare Indian rock python. The python was trying to eject its victim as it was probably too large to digest. [Naina Aabale, From "Friends of Nature"]: "He took 10 minutes to vomit it completely. As it kept coming out, it looked like the barking deer species, and it came out. For about 2 minutes the python did not move because the head of the barking deer was stuck in its jaws and it was not moving." It was later found that the animal was a Chinkara deer, which the python finally managed to eject. The python was taken to a secluded place in the jungle where it's being treated for internal injuries. For more news and videos visit ☛ Add us on Facebook ☛ Subscribe ☛
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caballos de exposicion en la modalidad de trote y galope, fecha de monta 1 de febrero de 2010....
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mira como la meneaz el animal este
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this is some info on zebras mating I do not own this please do not be disguisted by this this si information and it is just the way it is!
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animals in the wild!! check out the video at 45 secs
From: jdipman
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 Het bedenken en maken van radio- en tv-commercials is voor Pro Motion Pictures een tweede natuur. De uitdaging om in 30 seconden communicatief te pieken met beeld en geluid motiveert ons om creatief tot het uiterste te gaan. Wij reduceren de boodschap tot de kern en bedenken een origineel concept. Vaak met een knipoog. Altijd om het verkrijgen van de sympathie van de doelgroep. Wij weten de perfecte locaties, de goed gekozen acteurs en de juiste 'props' te vinden. Met precies de juiste voice-over en dat lekkere deuntje. Deze ingrediënten maken de spots opvallend en tot een succes. Technisch gebeurt alles in eigen huis en met eigen mensen. Opnames altijd in HD en montage in onze 'state of the art' edit suite. Alles met maar één doel: communiceren.
From: vossen46
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Claire with her beautiful horse - the bond between them is amazing.
From: ezratwena
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