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Wild Wives of Africa: Do or Die : TUE NOV 8 9 et/pt : One species seems to have found the perfect method for keeping everyone in a state of total harmony.
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القرد الشريف من قرد القرداحة حاميها اليهود في هضبة الجولان السورية المحتل
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From: Funny Vid
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هتصوير بالعبدلية كنا رايحين رحلة صغيرونة نتصيد فيها طيور فشاأت الصدف وشفنا هلنياق بحالة هستيرية لووووووووول
From: mrxm7tar
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أبو نور يجيب الجديد
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قرد ينظر لنفسه فى المراه وينفزع عندما يرى نفسه ههههه فيديو مضحك
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This is a educational channel all about wild and crazy mammal videos! Learn about different animals mating and breeding behaviors. All kinds of big animals, small animals, zoo animals, pets, dogs, cats, elephants, apes, and many more animal videos!
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عيل صغير بس صايع
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ولادة انثى الفيل ...سبحان الله الخالق
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نزل هذا القرد ليشرب من النهر لكن التمساح كان مختفي تحت الماء فهجم على القرد ومسكه ، المؤثر أن قرد آخر يحاول مساعدة أخيه عن طريق سحبه من فم التمساح لكنه لم ينجح ، وبعد أن يئست القرود من نجاته جلست تشاهده بكل حزن ..
From: 3d4arab
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اسد يهجم , lion attack men , lion attack un homme , اسد ياكل رجل, اسد يهجم على نمر
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A Male Horse treys to Hump another female Horse ..
From: Ahmadany
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Two lions on top of a rock in the Serengeti mating.
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we laughed so hard...too funny
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Hello and welcome to WeirdWildlife channel. This is a educational channel for learning more about animal breeding and mating behavior. Subscribe to see more wildlife, zoo animals, monkeys, dogs, cats, and more!
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في هذا الفيديو سنشاهد قرود مضحكة و مشاكسة
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From: akhloufi
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DNA and Skeletal remains have proven that people started evolving 10 million years ago from apes to humans.There used to be different types of humans 100 thousand years ago Homo Erectus, Habilis, Floresiensis, Neanderthals they went extinct after the ice age because they weren't able to adapt to the new environments.That's why today homo sapiens are the only existing humans left on earth because we were able to adapt and survive.Click the link to watch this documentary"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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The Bonobo Ape - Great Human Apes - Mating, Talking, Kissing [Nature/Wildlife Documentary]
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شغل قرود
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عندما تبلغ قمة اليأس والقهر استخدم هذه الوسيلة قد تنفعك
From: Haitha
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سليمان الجبيلان - طرائف
From: dajaal
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Records suggests that Apes were the largest apes that ever lived. The Gigantopithecus blacki stood up to 3 m (9.8 ft), and weighed up to 540 kg (1,190 lb) This Large Ape Documentary investigates claims that these Primates still exist.. This Documentary goes in search of the Giant Ape, one of the few nature documentaries ever based on this Rare Primate. Watch the full documentary here and if you like this show, please like and subscribe for more full documentaries.
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miracle of allha ,Yet another islamic miracle- Flight,This video added by Mustkeem Mansoori( Kota (Rajasthan)) ... Mustkeem Mansoori ... ... ... ...
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