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March 30, 2009: The Rock Doves have settled into the nest box. Last year, the nest box was used by the kestrels, and when they left, the Rock Doves moved in. Now both couples view the nest box as their own. The male Kestrel arrives at dawn to warn the nesting Rock Dove. Then the female, who is larger than the male, arrives. The Rock Dove's defense is to snap her wings at the intruders. This goes on for some time, with the Kestrels taking turns. Finally Rock Dove Dad arrives, only to immediately fly away. The end of the video shows the male Kestrel, who has brought courting gifts of voles to the female over the last few weeks. The Kestrels have a long nesting period, so perhaps they will move in after the baby Rock Doves hatch and fledge. But the clock is ticking, and the Kestrels need to find a nest box or other location by May... Watch the drama at this site: Nest boxes are in great demand:
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The Kompost Kids are two baby fantail pigeons, whose parents were killed by a sparrowhawk. The babies are a month old and can not yet feed themselves. My other fantails would not feed them so we were going to have to work out a method to do so. The film shows how we did it. I made them a paste from an organic mix of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, brown rice and home-made bread all moistened with water. This was to supplement their attempts at picking up little bits of grass, seeds, soil and stones. They were out all day in the sunshine soaking up Vitamin D. In normal circumstances, i.e. no predators, I would have let them wander around the garden looking for and trying out foods and maybe even finding a willing pigeon to feed them. With really small baby pigeons I can usually get them to feed from an eggcup of a liquidised version of the above and they will 'hoover' it up. My first step with a baby, however, is to get another pigeon to feed it, birds can count up to at least three but some of them are very good-natured and will take another baby on and feed it! Les Kompost kids - deux petits pigeons paons, dont les parents ont été tués par un épervier. Les bébés ont un mois et ne peuvent pas se nourrir. Mes autre pigeons ne voulaient pas les nourrir afin que nous allions avoir à travailler sur une méthode pour le faire. Le film montre comment nous avons fait. Je leur ai fait une pâte à partir d'un mélange bio de graines de tournesol, graines de sésame, le riz demi-complet et le pain fait maison tous humidifié avec de l'eau. Cela a été pour compléter leurs tentatives de ramasser des petits bouts d'herbe, des graines, du sol et des pierres. Ils étaient toute la journée sous le soleil de s'imprégner de la vitamine D. Dans des circonstances normales, c'est à dire pas de prédateurs, je l'aurais laisser promener dans le jardin à la recherche d'aliments et d'essayer et peut-être même de trouver un pigeon prêt à les nourrir.
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C'est par une tradition familiale que la passion des pigeons lui est venue, Érick Loison colombophile confirmé participe à de nombreux concours. Ses pigeons sont des voyageurs au long cours, Érick nous parle de leur préparation.
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voutes stefanos
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ΓΙΟΡΤΗ ΠΕΡΙΣΤΕΡΙΩΝ ΛΑΡΙΣΑΣ 2010 Μπορειτε Να Μας Βρειτε Και Στο blog
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anebasma&pesimo mayres voutes
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ΓΙΟΡΤΗ ΠΕΡΙΣΤΕΡΙΩΝ ΛΑΡΙΣΑΣ 2008 Μπορειτε Να Μας Βρειτε Και Στο blog
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πεταξια των περιστεριων μου με 10 μποφορ
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Εκπαιδευτης......Γιωργος Σακαβαρας 28/1/2013
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xavas, staxtia peristeria. kostas kozani. protoi xavades, kai apiro saini
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eine oi proti xavades san peristeras.........
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theamatikes voutes
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ΤΗΛ. : 697 80 35 176
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xavas tourlekia sti meliki .....sakis .3/1/2011
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xromata peristeria voutes
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περιστερια μανες 2011 Greek Pigeons wutas Polimeris Ελληνικά περιστέρια βούτες Πολυμέρης telephone 0030-6977441441 τηλέφωνο (0030)-6977441441
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Γνήσια Ντονεκια Μακεδονιας. ΓΡΗΓΟΡΗΣ-ΚΩΣΤΑΣ
From: doneks1
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6946502236 gia plirofories
From: Doganos
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From: Art Ren
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