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Bukuroshja E Fjetur - Dubluar Ne Shqip

From: toysrussg
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Perralle per femije e realizuar nga Mevlana Art Studio (dhjetor 2008)
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From: ari4426
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---MY Cartoon--- Hirushja 2 Dublimi:shqip
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I created a short (10 min) audio-visually enhanced widescreen [16:9] version of Walt Disney's "Cinderella" for the kids of all ages out there. It includes the best scenes and music to enjoy it without watching the entire film.
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From: MegaPlisi
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La splendida voce di Nando Gazzolo ci narra la storia - antica quanto il tempo - de "La Bella e la Bestia", accompagnato dalle musiche, dalle voci, e dalle immagini del film. (seconda parte) Il classico Disney "La Bella e la Bestia" è disponibile in tutti i negozi, e per un periodo limitato, in Disney DVD, Disney Blu-Ray e in Disney Blu-Ray 3D.
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Fairly tales are the tales that includes stories where princes and princesses encounter with witches and elves. Fairies grant wishes and cast magic spells. And in the end, everyone lives happily ever after. This fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is about a beautiful maiden called snow white. The queen, stepmother of snow white, was jealous of snow white's beauty and tries many ways to get rid of her. But all her attempts are in vain. Finally the queen succeeds in one of her attempt which was a temporary one. Prince revives snow white from her long deep sleep and marries her in a grand wedding. The queen finally was punished and meets her end.
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From: Klod i
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Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments, we are shocked by all the views! I hope our little vacation brings back wonderful memories for you of Disneyland and the joy of childhood. Costume: The Snow White costume was purchased on Ebay, here is a similar listing: (this is not my listing) Cameras and computer programs: Day one of the trip was shot with a Canon PowerShot D10 Unfortunately, we dropped it off the top of the stairs at the hotel so Day 2 and 3 were shot on a JVC Everio. I think it is this one but they have a few that are similar: The movie was edited on an iMac using iMovie Some of you asked about her outfits. I bought one on Etsy, the shirt pictured at 20:20 is from the nicest Etsy seller I have ever met, this is her page... I made the Snow White headband and the clips, my page is here...
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Here the Albanian version. © Disney. All right Reserved.
From: Roman R
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Nje nga kenget tek "Spirit - Kali i Eger" ose sic i thone ndryshe, "Hamshori". Kendoi: Sidrit Bejleri. Extra Tags: dubstep,dub,step,dub step,music,best,beat,rythm,Bass,Best,Dru­­m,Ever,Jungle,cat song,cats,awesome,top 10 dubstep songs,top 10 dubstep beats,new,2013,hot,savant,wildstyle,sava­­nt - wildstyle,songs,new songs,psy gangnam style,gangnam style,thrift shop,electro,house,trance,pop,hip hop,rap,eminem,rihanna,macklemore,usher,­­chris brown,lil wayne,Song,Hip,Drum Bass,Electronic,remix,romanian,music,Hou­­se Music (Musical Genre),Hop,Trance Music (Musical Genre),Rouge,Mix,West,Kanye,Folk,Kanye West,Wayne,Records,Worst,Jay,Greatest,Dr­­ake,Worlds,Underground,Liquid,Cent,Beat­s­,Baton,D&b,Breaks,Lupe,Biggest,Album,N­ep­al,Feat,song,2012,2000,21st century,Rave,Chris,jay z,jay-z,no chruch in the wild,Brown,Rick,adele,set fire to the rain,someone like you,Tune,Had,itunes,icloud,soundhound,sh­­azam,download youtube songs,for free,Thing,Singing,Best Ever,Wanted,one direction,1d,1 direction,Popular,Dark,Vip,Chase,hot girl,girl,naked,bikini,sexy,photos,chick­­,hot chick,video,very hot photos,Recordings,Techno,rock,metal rock,hard rock,far cry 3,cyrsis 3,mw3,battlefield 3,training,excercises,morning,carly rae jepsen,call me maybe,it's always a good time,justin bieber,as long as you love,live while we're young,what makes you beautiful,playstation 4, play station, new games, walkthrough, summer hit, summer hits, summer hits 2013, summer hits 2012, summer hits 2014, top ten summer hits, crazy dubstep, girl with a funny talent, just for laughs, barack obama, elections, campaign, noizy, otr, noizy otr, otr new song, otr new, new albanian songs, albanian mafia, mali g, duda, gbmc, shadow, krimineli, varrosi, nice, blazer, jr, soni, sony, noku vogel, 1 selam, kosov shqipni, 100 vjet shtet, nuk te perzura, rozana radi, darla, na jena otr, cunat e nates, tirana, durresi, vlora, fieri, berat, tropoja rrep shqip, kadale kadale, versioni i vjeter, versioni i ri, new version, old version etc.
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Oliver Harton & Benji Brais
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DIVENTA FAN DI "Beauty and the Beast" è un film d'animazione del 1991, il 30° classico prodotto dalla Walt Disney Feature Animation. È un adattamento della nota fiaba La Bella e la Bestia scritta da Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in cui una bellissima ragazza è tenuta prigioniera in un castello da un'orrenda bestia. Presentato fuori concorso al 45º Festival di Cannes, è stato il primo film di animazione ad essere stato nominato agli Oscar come miglior film. Ha vinto comunque le statuette per la colonna sonora (di Alan Menken) e per la canzone Beauty and the Beast (Alan Menken e Howard Ashman), cantata da Celine Dion e Peabo Bryson.
From: Birichyno
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Ervjon Cara Niko Kuri Mjeshtër Zëri Filmi LULESHTRYDHE ZEMËR ËMBLA Pjesa 1 Tiranë Albania.
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The Evil Ursula @Disneyland, Anaheim California
From: ZFlicka
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Ervjon Cara Niko Kuri Mjeshtër Zëri Filmi LULESHTRYDHE ZEMËR ËMBLA Pjesa 1 Tiranë Albania.
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Pellumb Hajdari - Qeni
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teater kukullash per femije teatri i kukullave tirane feste ditelindje Mund ta gjeni ne faqen
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