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Crochet Como Tejer Un Abrigo Para Bebe O Niña

Con mucho cariño dedico este vídeo para mi querida amiga Lily Ocampo, Por ser una buena y linda amiga..
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Para tu cena de Navidad, Año Nuevo o para cualquier evento especial, que te parece esta receta,,
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Bordado para cualquier diseño, con Hilo cristal..
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Gracias integrantes del grupo de la Magia del Bordado Por sus hermosas atesanias.
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Visita mi página: y encontrarás muchos tutoriales más! Linda y abrigadora puntada reversible con la que pueden tejer cobijas para bebes, almohadones, etc!
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Bernat Baby, De color Amarillo Bebe', y aguja de crochet 3.75mm, Yo creo que este abriguito le sirvira a Bebe's de 6 meses en adelante pero no estoy segura ya que no tengo un bebe' para medirlo, al final les doy las medidas en cm.
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Passo a passo Casaquinho em Crochê tamanho 2 a 4 meses feito pela Professora Simone
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La lana que utilize es Red Heart Comfort Sport, uno en Azul y el otro en Rosado y el numero de aguja es de 3,75 mm. ( Pattern in English on my Channel it is the Purple one)
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learn how to crochet this beautiful baby dress. dress features shells and posts stitches, lacy edge created using the solomons knot. This dress can be made using hook sizes E - J. Just be sure to use yarn weight appropriate to your hook. This dress is great for special occasions or can be made using cotton yarn for springtime and summer wear. Your little girl will look simply beautiful in this handcrafted creation. This design is created using the yoke pattern from tjw1963 and the body and sleeves of the dress are my own design. Download written pattern here:
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In this video tutorial I will teach you how to make this gorgeous bolero / shrug. It can be sized for children all the way up to adult. You measure yourself to get a custom fit. Don't be afraid this is easy and looks great. Perfect for chilly evenings. You choose your yarn type and hook size. I used a medium weight yorsted yarn but found that this may be a little too thick. I suggest you use a lighter weight yarn or even perhaps some thick crochet thread. I used a J size hook, if you use a thread or thin yarn switch to a size H (5mm) hook. I added extra rows, but you can stop when it reaches your desired size. I was trying to hide my rear end..oh well..... Happy crocheting
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In this video we will learn how to crochet the yoke portion of our baby ripple sweater. Using the basic crochet stitches or chain and double crochet, you will shape the yoke portion of the ripple sweater. Upon completing the yoke we will move onto working the body and sleeves of the sweater and finally adding the edging and finishing touches. This is a truly beautiful sweater, delicate, The fans begin small and flare out to give this sweater its rippled effect. Download pattern at:
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Descubre chaquetas de bebé únicas y hechas a mano. Disponemos de una gran selección de modelos en lana y algodón de primera calidad: Cada chaqueta de bebe ha sido confeccionada a mano, cuidando al máximo todos los detalles. Nuestra ropa es exclusiva, sin proceso industrial, por eso tenemos modelos únicos y que pueden ser personalizados. Tenemos chaquetas de punto bebe, ideales para el invierno. Tejidas en lana de merino o de angora. Además tenemos chaquetitas en algodón con alegres detalles para ocasiones especiales. Algunas llevan broches, estampados y combinaciones de tela. Hacemos diseños que no encontrarás en las tiendas habituales. Nos encanta la ropa de bebe original, que cuida al máximo los acabados y con un toque distinto. Por eso creamos productos originales, tanto en ropa de recién nacido como para niños de 4 años. Disfruta de la moda de bebe más actual que ofrece nuestra tienda online, recuerda que los gastos de envío son gratis.
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In this video you will learn how to crochet this baby cardigan / sweater. Using basic stitches you will be able to crochet this lovely baby cardigan. You can choose you own color, making it solid or two tones. You can embellish with specialty buttons, flowers, etc. The possibilities are endless. Here is the link for the written pattern:
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Edinir-Croche ensina anjos em crochê 001 - parte 1. Siga o blog e e
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This is part 1 of the video to crochet this beautiful hoodie sweater. This sweater is sized to fit 6 - 12 month old babies. The sweater is worked with a DC crochet stitch and an open weave stitch pattern on the yoke. The sweater features a hoodie to keep baby warm. This step by step tutorial will allow you to be able to create this sweater for yourself. Written instructions can be downloaded from Caron yarn website. Pattern is: CN0986 Follow along to crochet this lovely sweater. Makes a great baby shower gift. Update: S You will just need to follow the video and write down the instructions on you own that way I am not in violation of any copyright laws. Written pattern on Caron site: Link for part two video:
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Begin to crochet with our free crochet flower tutorials. This crochet spiral flower has 8 petlas. To make the petal we work single crochet stitches into the chain space and arund the trebele post. Then continue in rows until we coplete the petal. Around each petal we work a trim of slip and chain stitches. Decorate the flower with a pearl. Thanks for watching! To make this crochet flower use the yarn 100% Cotton, 169m/50g, 4ply; and Steel Crochet Hook 1.5mm или 2mm (#8 or #4 US standards). Begin to crochet! With us, crochet becomes not just a hobby. Each crochet flower is a little masterpiece made by hands. Our free crochet video tutorials will provide an opportunity to learn how to crochet quick and professional. You will learn the basic crochet techniques and gradually learn how to perform patterns of different professional level. Beginning crochet with our tutorials you will learn step-by-step all different techniques in crochet. Crocheted Flowers is one of the biggest and the most interesting topics. Floral elements, crocheted flowers are used as decorations or as basic elements in different techniques such us Irish lace, Gipyur lace, Patchwork (elements of different shapes). Get ready your crochet hook and yarn, be patient and start learning crochet techniques in making flowers with our video instructions. We on Facebook: We on Twitter :
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Lindo Punto Entrecruzado en Crochet el cual luce como el tejido de una cesta.
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Passo a passo do vestidinho em Crochê para Bebê feito pela Profesora Simone especialista em Crochê para Bebês ( visitem a professora Simone
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In this tutorial you will learn how to make these cute criss cross strap baby shoes. You choose your color and hook sizes. Suggestions for sizes are given. This shoe uses basic stitches of chain, single crochet and double crochet. You will be able to finish this project following the step by step instructions. Download written pattern: Patron escrito en Espanol: Check out this link for baby sizes:
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In this video I will take you step by step to crochet this beautiful baby sweater. This sweater can be made with less than 6 oz of yarn and uses basic double crochet and chain stitches. Even if you are a beginner crocheter you can make this sweater. No need to be able to read patterns. This tutorial will have you crocheting in no time at all. This sweater pattern was created by Kelly Kearny, google "Kellys Sweater" for written instructions. This is copyrighted so I will not be posting a written pattern. Please understand that I need to respect copyrighted material. Here is the link to download the pattern:
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This Pattern is Esperansa Rosa from Peru and I have her permission to translate. BERNAT BABY Sport. Crochet C/2 - 2.7 5mm
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Crochet girl lavender summer short sleeve coverup
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Variación del Punto Entrecruzado en Crochet, esta vez en forma plana.
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