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YouTube Current Wala Molvi

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Weakness of Deoband
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ikram ul haq Tokay wali sarkar Mufti Muhammad Yousaf Rizvi from Lahore
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This is the morning show on geo in which a person is called by channel who claims to treat people through his 200 cats he have in his house...But He is caught at right time at right place with good evidences...
From: pkagent
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A funny taunting speech by a Molve saab taunting highest govt. officials in a very funny way.
From: udaresee
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From: nasstec
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An Interesting discussion arose on Pakistani TV show while discussing Divorce and Halala. "Molahs degrading women"
From: mavishk48
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From: Mr.KVR
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Wahabiyon aur Deobandi ka Operation Last Part by Mulana Yousaf Rizvi Tokky Waly
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audio sync with clips from original
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Dr. Zakir Naik with Shaharukh Khan, Soha Ali khan, karan Johar, Kabir Khan, Maulana Mehmood Madni and with some others invited by NDTV 24 by 7 in the Show of Barkha Dutt on Topic MUSLIM IDENTITY.
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From: Gul Mohar
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Tariq Jameel 1 fitna is dor ka,
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"Neem Hakeem khatra-e jaan - Neem Mulla khatra-e Eiman" (Allama Muhammad Iqbal R.A) Quran mein Allah ta'ala ne un logon ki misaal kutton jesi di hai jinho ne Allah ki aayaton ko jhutlaya. Surah A'araf Ayat 175-177 Tumhe mubarak ho tumhara 'kutta' hona, Humen to fakhar hai k Allah ne humen 'Ashraf-ul-Makhlukat' banaya aur hum(insan) apnay Nabi (Sallallaahu Alaiyhi Wa Aalehii Wasallam) k ummati hain. Jo log is video k jawab mein Quran-o-Hadees se koi daleel samnay nai la saktay unke paas gaaliyon k siwa or koi jawab nai hota :) :)
From: Umme Duaa
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Nabeel, plz check this. He is so called wali, Noori Puri Sarkar. and look at the people (both ladies and gents) being mesmarized by this wali. Iss ko kehtay hain ATAI Karam??????????????????????????????
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From: asad8261
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