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BCS Dealers, Tiller, Lawn Mower, Snowblowers, Wood Chippers

Video by Tracmaster showing the extensive range of implements and machines available in our BCS range of products
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BCS all around all seasonal ground tool, used as a tiller, lawn mower, wood chipper, snowblower, garden tool.
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Il Re delle BCS nonkè successore di Andrew.....
From: Bertoga88
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Best Buy Mowers presents the Mantis Tiller. A gardeners dream of a machine. Tilling and cultivating the soil, dethatching or weeding is taken care of with this tiller powered by the reliable Honda 4 Stroke Engine. This video goes through some of the key design features and benefits so that you are more informed before purchasing your new Mantis Tiller. At just 11 kg, this tiller is lightweight but still packs a powerful punch. Long life tines spin at 200 rpm and make short work of compacted soil or weeds. The machine also folds very easily which makes trips to the allotment a pleasure. Honda's legendary engine reliability, design and build quality can be put to the test with this easy by nature and durable machine that is everything a domestic gardener could need from their garden machinery. The Mantis Tiller comes with a 5 year warranty on the machine itself. Added to this the tines come with a lifetime guarantee for domestic use or one year commercial use. Available to buy from or call in to our well reputed store, with the largest showroom in the South of England, and see the range for yourself at Carters of Swanwick (Opposite the Swanwick Railway Station, Southampton area, Hampshire, England). Further to that if you have any questions then please leave a comment or feel free to get in touch: Telephone: 01489 575242 Email:
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BCS model 853 walk-behind tractor operating the CAEB round haybaler. The tractor is powered by a 13hp Honda manual start engine and is equipped with standard size 5x10x20" wheels. As you can see, total time to form, net wrap and eject the finished bale is about a minute. (our employee Adam Davis, running the machine in this video, only had about 2 minutes experience running the baler as of the time this video was shot, so it can actually be done a bit quicker with a little more experience...I have done completed bales in 45 seconds each consistently.) Note in this video that the baler net-wrap cycle is engaged by a lever at the front of the baler...this video is of an older baler model (about year 2000 manufacture), so it does not have the "remote" net wrap activation feature, which is typically located on the steering lever of the baler, which the operator holds in their right hand. With the remote net-wrap activation on the newer balers, the entire process is run from the tractor handlebars, until the bale is ejected onto the platform and needs to be set off onto the ground by the operator.
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MF 8480 ( 362 PS ) with a Jenz mobile Chipper HEM 561 Z
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MACH4 quadricingolo articolato reversibile
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Rotary plowing a plot with an 853 BCS (13 HP Honda GX390) in first gear (.7 MPH). It's slow work but leaves a pretty usable seed bed. It could be worked finer with a tiller or power harrow. There is a little bit of slope to this plot.
From: ACGravely
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Ian Cooke, the "Horticultural Voice of Reason," conducts an independent review of the new BCS Tractor and the Berta Swivel Plow. Lean more at
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Video of man using tiller
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Rake cut grass into easy to collect rows. Fingers of the hay rake are fully adjustable. To see the full range of machines and equipment that we sell, please visit or alternatively please call us on 01444 247689. We will be delighted to answer any questions you have.
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Avviamento BCS 755 mot.ACME VT-88 (16hp-benzina)
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BCS all around all season, garden machine high quality machine.
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Time: 03:14 More in Science & Technology te interesa saber mas acerca de este producto?----you want to know more about this product? Visit us. international lada 01(++52) 593 1020030 TENEMOS ENVIO A CUALQUIER PARTE.
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BCS Chipper/ Shredder. Make mulch, ground cover, or compost Chops tree limbs up to 3" in diameter Shreds up to1" brush
From: mmus2131
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So why buy a separate power unit for every piece of seasonal, outdoor power equipment? That would be parallel to a farmer having a separate tractor for all of his various farm implements. By combining the tasks performed by just one tractor, you saves money, minimize maintenance, and have less room required to store everything. With over 600 dealers in the United States and Canada, BCS tractors and attachments are easier than ever to find! Log on to for a dealer locator as well as a complete catalog and pricing list!
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Time: 07:14 More in Science & Technology BCS The best tiller In the world and here Is Why it can Bee Used all around all seasonal ground tool, used as a tiller, lawn mower, wood chipper, snow blower, garden tool.
From: mmus2131
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James teaches Paul how to start the BCS tiller in the garden. Recorded on May 10, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
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DEEP MUD COMPETITION! Whoever makes it the furthest WINS! Part 1 (Walk-around):"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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rimorchio leggero per motocoltivatori e trattorini
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Big old tiller with a Wisconsin AHH engine.
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