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MACH4 quadricingolo articolato reversibile
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Video by Tracmaster showing the extensive range of implements and machines available in our BCS range of products
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BCS Chipper/ Shredder. Make mulch, ground cover, or compost Chops tree limbs up to 3" in diameter Shreds up to1" brush
From: mmus2131
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BCS model 853 walk-behind tractor operating the CAEB round haybaler. The tractor is powered by a 13hp Honda manual start engine and is equipped with standard size 5x10x20" wheels. As you can see, total time to form, net wrap and eject the finished bale is about a minute. (our employee Adam Davis, running the machine in this video, only had about 2 minutes experience running the baler as of the time this video was shot, so it can actually be done a bit quicker with a little more experience...I have done completed bales in 45 seconds each consistently.) Note in this video that the baler net-wrap cycle is engaged by a lever at the front of the baler...this video is of an older baler model (about year 2000 manufacture), so it does not have the "remote" net wrap activation feature, which is typically located on the steering lever of the baler, which the operator holds in their right hand. With the remote net-wrap activation on the newer balers, the entire process is run from the tractor handlebars, until the bale is ejected onto the platform and needs to be set off onto the ground by the operator.
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BCS all around all seasonal ground tool, used as a tiller, lawn mower, wood chipper, snowblower, garden tool.
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Kertészeti, szőlő és gyümölcsültetvények ápolása, állattartó telepek kiszolgálása, zöldtakarmány betakarítás, kommunális munkák. Teljesítménye típustól függően 70, 79, ill. 91 LE. A reverzibilis kivitelnél átfordítható a vezetőülés, így tolt menetben is lehetővé válik a munkavégzés. A régebbi motorokkal szerelt kivitelek megszűntek, a gyár már csak a legkorszerűbb EU normáknak megfelelő ECO-POWER motorokkal gyártja EP jellel az új modelleket.
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Avviamento BCS 755 mot.ACME VT-88 (16hp-benzina)
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The Rotary Plough is the most effective plough for a Two Wheel Tractor. Ploughs up to 12" . Please visit our website to see the full range of equipment and machinery that we sell. The link is or alternatively call us on 01444 247689.
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Time: 01:13 More in Autos & Vehicles te interesa saber mas acerca de este producto?----you want to know more about this product? Visit us. international lada 01(++52) 593 1020030 TENEMOS ENVIO A CUALQUIER PARTE.
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The power harrow is a soilworking tool that features multiple sets of vertical tines, which rotate on vertical axes (yes, this is really the plural form of axis)...kind of like an eggbeater. It "tills" the soil horizontally, without mixing soil layers, and without bringing buried weed seeds up to the surface. The action of the tines will not create a "hardpan" or over-pulzerize the soil, even with multiple uses during the growing season. The depth is precisely controlled (0 -5" deep) by the screw-crank handle which raises or lowers the expanded-mesh roller in the rear. The roller leaves a completely smooth and pre-tamped "textured" surface that is ideal for any type of seeding, especially multi-row precision seeding such as greens, carrots, etc. In this video clip, we purposely put a rock in the path of the harrow to demontrate that it will not be damaged by rocks. (we have actually run into up to 30 pound rocks with it, and no damage to the harrow has ever occurred.) This machine is being operated by Berea, one of our employees here at Earth Tools.
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BCS presenta la nuova frizione idraulica PowerSafe® per motocoltivatori: prestazioni, affidabilità, comfort e sicurezza. Per info:
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mario mio papa che se la gode con la bcs con doppio scarico elaborato dal sottoscritto
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Research technician Glen Evans demonstrates custom cultivator tools he developed at Cornell University's Homer C. Thompson Research Farm in Freeville, N.Y.
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Stone Buriers are superb at burying turf in one pass. More effective than a rotavator. Tracmaster has been succesfully supplying lawn and groundcare machinery to a wide variety of customers across the United Kingdom for over 25 years. Established in 1984 by Stephen Pitt & Alan Robinson, Tracmaster has grown and developed two brands of machinery, CAMON and BCS that have become widely known and respected for their performance and durability. To see the full range of products, services and machines that we offer to our customers, please visit the website
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Rotary plowing a plot with an 853 BCS (13 HP Honda GX390) in first gear (.7 MPH). It's slow work but leaves a pretty usable seed bed. It could be worked finer with a tiller or power harrow. There is a little bit of slope to this plot.
From: ACGravely
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All Morbark models are aggressive, highly productive, and engineered to give you the power and features you need to maximize output and enhance your profitability.
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Time: 07:34 More in Science & Technology BCS The best tiller In the world and here Is Why it can Bee Used all around all seasonal ground tool, used as a tiller, lawn mower, wood chipper, snow blower, garden tool.
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Check me out on facebook head on over to my new website to learn more Edging then cylinder lawn mowing Wagga wagga
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This is my BCS 730 powered by a Kohler 8 HP Magnum. I purchased this the winter of 2008 and had it shipped from Redmond WA to my place in Lodi, WI. It was bought to compliment my 850. I mounted the 6 by 12 inch tires only for this project. Most of the time, it runs around on a pair of 4 by 8 stock tires or the 5 by 10s off my 850. It has home-made extensions in order to get the 4 bolt trailer rims to mount. They won't line up without the extensions. I welded a 1 inch piece of solid round stock in the middle to hold standard free weights. The brackets can hold about 100 lbs of weight each side. This was an idea taken from Joel at It has the Free-wheel devices to help in turning. They have their drawbacks, but I like them alot for use on this machine. I can lock them solid, make them free-wheel, or set them to ratchet either forward or back. Setting them to ratchet takes away reverse, and will allow the machine to get away from you when going down a slope. My 730 also runs a 26 inch tiller I bought out of Montana in the spring, a 28 inch snowblower I bought out of Chicago IL in the winter, a chipper I bought with it, and other attachments. The Plow was bought from Jim at Fields Farm in Bend, OR. He says it's a Mainline attachment. Mainline sold BCS machines under thier name until 1982. BCS then started importing their machines on their own and Mainline started selling SEP machines under the Mainline name. This plow is probably made by a local shop in Ohio, where Mainline was based. The plow does a good job of digging up the potatoes. Unfortunately, it also re-buries about half of them. They either need to be found by digging through with your fingers, or the bigger ones can be found with a 5 tine manure fork. I have some ideas on how to tweak it and will see what next year brings...
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Introducing the new The Toro® Lawn Striping System for homeowners. Now you can pattern your lawn like the pros! It attaches easily to most walk-behind mowers and can be used with and without the bagger attached. All you need is a Phillips Screwdriver and 16-20 lbs of dry sand. Start planning your pattered lawn today.
From: toro
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Time: 05:06 More in Autos & Vehicles Wondering what type of gasoline to put in your lawn mower or snow blower? Having trouble starting your mower? A Toro lawn mower maintenance expert explains what kind of gasoline to use and provides other lawn mower fuel tips, highlighted below, in Toro's Mower Minute: Fuel Facts. - Most lawn mowers and snow blowers use ethanol-gasoline blends up to E10 (10% ethanol). Read the Engine Operator's manual and Equipment Operator's manual for details. - Engine damage and machine performance can occur if using gasoline more than 10% ethanol, such as E10 or E15. - Fresh fuel can improve lawn mower performance. - Fuel stabilizers can be added to gas to help prevent water absorption. For more information about common lawn mower engine problems and preventative maintenance tips to reduce the chance of fuel system issues please visit the link above.
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Glenn is back, once again! Here is all of the info:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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James teaches Paul how to start the BCS tiller in the garden. Recorded on May 10, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
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