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Burdur Halk Oyunlari Kadin Oyunlari

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Hello everyone, my name is Kyà. I am a dancer, prepared in internationally renowned schools as Julio Bocca, in musical comedy (acting, classical dance-and more- singing). In this video I show me exactly as I am. That is exactly my temperament, my way to do, to express my thinkings, my ideas, to laugh, to take care , to protect my beloved people, to give, to Love... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR ALL NICE NICE COMMENTS AND MESSAGES. I LOVE THAT YOU ENJOY MY VIDEOS. If you don`t, just change the channel ;) Life is about to choose that what make us happy, isnt it? :D bye! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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Kolbasti Tutorial. türk müziği - türk dans
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From: saedun2
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Time: 04:30 More in People & Blogs This is a traditional Turkish dance competition in Goreme, Turkey. Impressive dancing!
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Hacettepe University Children Folk Dance Group perform in 2010 Yilan International Children's folklore & folkgame festival
From: darkion30
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bornova pomem burdur halk oyunu mehmet arıcan
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kolbasti turkish dance 2010
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Time: 03:39 More in Entertainment Bin Yılın Mirası Türk Müziği CD-3
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Burdur Anadolu Lisesi 2007 İl Yarısması Herkese İyi Seyirler
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Çukurova Üniversitesi Halk Oyunları
From: levomat
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Turkish Dance
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19.02.2011 Burdur Halk Oyunları Yarışması BAÖL Sahneleme ekibi
From: hmdcnb15
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Teke yöresinin kivrak oyun havasi
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tatlı dile güler yüze
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Azize Kahraman Halk eğitimi Merkezince hazırlanan yöre oyunları öğretim filmi
From: ahaksutr
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Zeybek ogreniyorum vcd'si
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Muğla kadın oyunu sürmelim zeybeği.
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Sumer Ezgu Hadi Gali klibi Teke zortlatması, Teke Zortlaması
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Burdur yöresi oyunları made by sonic
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burdurumu çok seviyom
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