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Nii Juhtub Ainult Venemaal 2 Osa!

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A blue Mercedes had been driving at Vana-Vigala for some time already and did not stop when given the stop signal, and the police officers started to chase it. The driver of the car really tried to get away but rear-wheel-drive was not the best option for muddy village roads. After some time the real chase started - but as we all know, stupid drivers can't drive fast. So the Mercedes drove off the road. The driver was a 21-year-old male who was drunk. The car was his friend's. The driver got to spend 20 days in jail.
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From: Sursik
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päris valusad laksud:D
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Russian tractor
From: adyxon
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28.10.2011. Saaremaal, Leisi vallas, Nava külas. Pärast mind tulgu või veeuputus...
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EST-sub. Ja selle pärast me teid armastamegi.
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Õpime natukene seda asja.
From: e k
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Sama teema ainult teises rajoonis - jumpstyle, muay thay ja kõik muud võtted - EXTREME variant ainult ja veel rohkem segi kamminud:D:D:D. Tegevuskoht: Venemaa - Stavropol, Tegelase diagnoos " teadmata " :D
From: xpclub
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beach mistakes, see youtube from another perspectiye, Got
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Crazy old russian.
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Best of Crazy Russia 2012 - Episode 1. I don't own any content or rights of this video Song is Bochka Bass Kolbaser by XS Project.
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Sõida ettevaatlikult ja vastutus tundlikult. Tänapäeva maailmas ei ole vahet kus sa oled ja mida sa teed kuna võimalus, et mingi tropp otsustab sinu elu üle on Suur. Video on saadud lehelt nimega, väike reklaam.
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Legendaarne lugu Kanal 2 politseisaatest "Krimi". Täies pikkuses nii nagu see oli. Eeter: 10. jaanuar 2006.
From: Imre Kaas
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What is it? The music on the radio is by Oleg Romanenko."font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Palun vaadake lõpuni! =D
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Funny Videos/ Creative Ads Collection Part 4
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