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magaria dzaan
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avaria car crash
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Time: 08:07 More in Autos & Vehicles Видео с проходившего в Германии BMW Шоу - Короли трюков и дрифта
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TBIILSI GEORGIA kartuli korcili (ქართული ქორწილი საქართველო ) BMW mercedes. tricks magari korcilia magari dros tareba da zaan magari mayrioni (DJ Visage) drift in Tbilisi mp3-is linki gadmocera visac unda aqedan gadmoiceros მუსიკის ლინკი
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Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 Acceleration
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Georgian 'extreme drivers' attempt to turn a hair-raising hobby into a profession hoping their YouTube videos help them to get noticed by Hollywood. Full story: A group of stunt drivers in the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia are attempting to turn their hobby into a profession, uploading their driving videos to YouTube, and attempting to attract attention from Hollywood. The "Need For Drive Team" does much of their driving in Tbilisi, a city that the Regional Security Office of the U.S. Embassy has warned is full of "drivers who pay little attention to speed limits, lane discipline and regularly encroach into oncoming traffic." The video, which featured the warning 'Do not try this!' garnered over two million views on YouTube within just one week after it was uploaded. [Giorgi Tevzadze, Leader of "Need for Drive Team"]: "We have more practical plans, to find sponsors among the viewers of these videos, to show we can advertise a company or a company product through our videos." Tevzadze said he was first drawn to racing and stunt driving at the age of 13, and been attempting to improve his skills and develop the hobby into a business ever since. [Giorgi Tevzadze, Leader of "Need for Drive Team"]: "If we get noticed by from someone from Hollywood, we could offer a variety of scenarios connected with street racing and extreme manoeuvres. Those may include chasing a vehicle, or racing with two or more cars in traffic. Out team can perform any scenario connected with vehicles while driving at the highest possible level." The team leader, who said he is regularly fined by traffic police, says that he also still legally has his driver's license. [Iako Askurava, Law Student from Tbilisi University] "I do not think their behaviour was correct from the point of the law, but when you get to know these guys better, you understand that they do everything really skillfully and they lead a very healthy way of life." According to the online newspaper "The Financial, "the most dangerous cohort of drivers on the road" in Georgia belong people between 21 and 35 years old. For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ Add us on Facebook ☛
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Eyewitness Studio, Tbilisi, Georgia. They love to race in Telavi! Next film of the Telavi Series.
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bolomde naxet :D:D:D
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Avtosh BMW 525 Drifting
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Схиархимандрит Власий из Пафнутьево-Боровского монастыря встретил 75-летний юбилей
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გადაცემა "ავტოსტრადა"
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Drift King - 25.06.2009 დრიფტის მეფე - 25.06.2009
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