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BOSS GT-10 FX Custom Patch - Fender Squier Fat Strat (Black&Chrome)

Nikolay Osadchiy - Love Blues Fender Squier Fat Strat (Black&Chrome) Boss GT-10
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Nikolay Osadchy selling $ 10
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Nikolay Osadchy IEREH@MAIL.RU
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Nikolay Osadchy
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One of the most mis-understood features of the Boss GT10 is the Auto-Riff effect. In this tutorial video i explain how to create Custom Auto Riffs. This video is an excerpt from my full GT10 Tutorial that is available from my site
From: Tian Jay
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Neste vídeo, a pedido do amigo, e fã do canal, Reinaldo Torres, estou demonstrando um timbre usando o SOUND HOLD da Boss GT-10, numa tentativa de tentar recriar um dos timbres do guitarrista David Gilmour. Espero que a galera goste. Filmado com a filmadora JVC Everio GZ-HD520. A guitarra é uma Tagima T-735 Plus escalopada e com Seymour Duncans JB e 59 Zebra na ponte e no braço. Tudo plugado direto via usb. Link para baixar o patch para instalar na pedaleira: Gere receita com seus links, clique aqui e cadastre-se: Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by TAGS EXTRA: Dicas Boss GT-10 - Boss GT-10 - Configurações Boss GT-10 - Drive Boss GT-10 - Pink Floyd Boss GT-10 - David Gilmour Boss GT-10 - BOSS GT-10 - Patchs Boss GT-10 - BOSS GT10 - Tutorial Boss GT-10 - Tutorial Boss GT10 - Boss GT Central.
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Squier 60th Classic Vibe Stratocaster guitar review. This Review Features in Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 26: Tom Quayle reviews this Classic 60th Squier Stratocaster guitar featured in Issue 26! For more info turn to:
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This is just a little video of my S&T Strat Style guitar. Dual Humbucker pickups. The sound was recorded with my it's not the best quality. I couldn't find a demo of one before I bought it on craigslist. So I met the guy and played it, loved it, and traded for it. Guitar Features LOOK: Overall a solid look. Body binding looks straight. Color and finish is on par with a Mexican made strat. Neck wood grain and color look great also. FEEL: It absolutely feels great! The guitar feels like as good as my $1400 american fat strat Texas special. There are a few frets that are a tad bit higher than others. The guitar plays great with 10's on it. SOUND: The pickups have a pretty descent tone but.....They are not noiseless!!! With gain they are very noisy. I said it several times in vid. I'd say the weakest link here ARE the pickups. I play anything from Modern Rock to Slow Contemporary to Blues. I'd like suggestions for some humbucker pickups. Preferably below $100.
From: dlwldr
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Demo video k efektovému procesoru BOSS GT-100 z Roland Hudební Laboratoře.
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Neste vídeo estarei demonstrando um patch que eu criei na Boss GT-10, cujo som se assemelha a um som de teclado ou de um orgão. In this video I will show a patch that I created on Boss GT-10, whose sound resembles the sound of a keyboard or organ. Basically I used the pitch shifter with 2 mono voices, (+1 octave and -1 octave), both with low volumes, and that is +1 octave has feedback with level 35. Plate reverb with very high parameters, and delay with moderate speed and cutting treble. With these same ideas you can come up with similar results. Even my video is in Portuguese, I ask that you try to follow the small screen that shows the Boss GT-10. Repeating what I did you will obtain the results, and even can make your own adjustments. Hope you like it. I apologize for any typing error, I am not very good in English language, so I wrote and then I used the Google translator to give me a hand and I can check if what I wrote at least said something like what I wanted to say . Link to download the patch: Gere receita com seus links!! Paulinho Fillho - Paulinho
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How to incorporate a stompbox into the signal chain of a Multi FX. Subscribe for more tutorials/demos! Any questions just get in touch, Best wishes Lee
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How to get that sound on sound effect used by David Gilmour using boss gt10 pedal. Sorry for sound quality - using an iphone which has not got the best audio recording setup. Setting are all in video. Using a fender mex start, GT10, CS 3 direct into clean channel of Roland cube RX (no effect on rx other than a touch of reverb - just to wet the signal) I forgot to say on the video but you need to set the pedal to "moment" in the assign setting, although I think it should default to this.
From: Si Martin
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recorded directly from the Boss GT-10 to a Boss BR-800. guitar used Hamer Echotone XT series
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Time: 05:52 More in People & Blogs My own patches for GT-10 :) Link:
From: Vordrab
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Lee Wrathe demonstrates the features and technology that make the Boss GT-100 amp effects processor such a powerful tool for guitarists. Find out more about the Boss GT-100:
From: Roland UK
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From the album "Sketches in Blank". jcp on iTunes: My first try on YouTube with an original composition. Originally published on November 9, 2009.
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Rob and Lee take a side by side look at the Squire Classic Vibe Strat, The Fender Standard Strat, the American Standard Strat and the Custom Shop Select Strat. Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster: Fender Standard Stratocaster: Fender American Standard Stratocaster: Fender Custom Shop Select Series Stratocaster T-Shirts by Rob Chapman Downloadable Guitar Lessons Store: Rob Chapman's band Dorje: For all enquiries regarding Rob Chapman email: All audio was recorded & produced by Paul 'Stick' Annis/Maplewood Studio Video edited by Dan Davies Greeting I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars. I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo. Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button:
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Monto timbres rápidos na GT-10. Twitter: Facebook: Facebook da Antelsat:
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Hello, Here is a new patch . . . amuse yourselves well ! I hope you enjoy !!! Please rate and comment . . . You can download my patch here : See you soon. . .
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Yo!! What's up, dudes?!?! There's a storm a brewin'!! So before the Snowmaggedon hits, I thought I'd show you the latest acquisition, my $100 Squier Classic Vibe Strat. This is the 60s version with a rosewood fingerboard, a 3-ply mint green pickguard and a candy apple red finish. I picked it up off of Craig's List for $100 and it showed up in pretty rough shape. But a new set of strings and some setup work got it playing really nice now. I love the shape of this neck and the sound of the Alnico 5 pickups. So there's a pretty serious storm on the way. Right now they're predicting 16-24" of snow, with pockets of 30+ inches. It will also bring 50-60mph wind gusts and some thunder and lightning. It's gonna be epic. I'll definitely shoot some video once it's safe to go outside again. I'm running TH2 in this video. I start with the Randall T2 head and then switch to the Blackface, Tweed, and a couple of Plexi heads. Enjoy! --Steve Facebook:
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Please Visit Buying Your First Guitar - Squier Starter Pack with Exclusive Tuition from Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton Fender CD-60 Squier Electric Pack 1 Squier Electric Pack 2 Squier Electric Pack 3 Guitars for Under 12's For Children between 5-7 we suggest. For Children between 8-12 we suggest. T-Shirts by Chris Redfield -- Resi 6 Black - Rob Chapman Downloadable Guitar Lessons Store: Rob Chapman Facebook: Rob Chapman's band Dorje: For all enquiries regarding Rob Chapman email: All audio was recorded & produced by Paul 'Stick' Annis/Maplewood Studio Video edited by Dan Davies
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Testing Boss GT-8 with Palmer PDI09 speaker simulator for Guitar direct recording. Backing track from ( Guthrie Govan melodic series 1) I will make the english subtitle soon. Thank you for watching!
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from DVD Live in Gdansk...
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Just going thru some of the preset patches to demonstrate its sound.This was requested by someone.I used nothing but a Yamaha guitar ,the Boss GT-10(connected with usb) ,and windows movie maker to record. thanks for looking ,tell me what ya think ..Rate and comment...
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