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BOSS GT-10 FX Custom Patch - Fender Squier Fat Strat (Black&Chrome)

Nikolay Osadchy IEREH@MAIL.RU
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Fender Squier Fat Strat (Black&Chrome) DEMO Nikolay Osadchiy
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Squier Stratocaster my Custom Boss GT-10 Nikolay Osadchiy me and my parrot Kesha!)
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Nikolay Osadchiy - Love Blues Fender Squier Fat Strat (Black&Chrome) Boss GT-10
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This is just a little video of my S&T Strat Style guitar. Dual Humbucker pickups. The sound was recorded with my it's not the best quality. I couldn't find a demo of one before I bought it on craigslist. So I met the guy and played it, loved it, and traded for it. Guitar Features LOOK: Overall a solid look. Body binding looks straight. Color and finish is on par with a Mexican made strat. Neck wood grain and color look great also. FEEL: It absolutely feels great! The guitar feels like as good as my $1400 american fat strat Texas special. There are a few frets that are a tad bit higher than others. The guitar plays great with 10's on it. SOUND: The pickups have a pretty descent tone but.....They are not noiseless!!! With gain they are very noisy. I said it several times in vid. I'd say the weakest link here ARE the pickups. I play anything from Modern Rock to Slow Contemporary to Blues. I'd like suggestions for some humbucker pickups. Preferably below $100.
From: dlwldr
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One of the great features of the Boss GT10 is the Harmonist (harmonizer) effect, that creates intelligent harmonies from the notes you play on the guitar. What many people don't realise is that the GT10 can produce a 5 part harmony. In this advanced tutorial video i explain how to create Custom Scales using the Harmonist. This video is an excerpt from my full GT10 Tutorial that is available from my site
From: Tian Jay
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Mark Knopfler and John Illsley from Dire Straits discuss the discovery of the 1961 Fender Stratocaster and how the iconic sound influenced their music - Including the track that started it all, 'The Sultans of Swing'
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What a cool sound, enjoy!!!!
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Here are some more preset patches of the GT-10 ,I think I went thru 32 of them not sure..Made alot of mistakes playing ,Just mega tired Worked like a dog all week..Hope this helps you guys Thanks for watching
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Demo video k efektovému procesoru BOSS GT-100 z Roland Hudební Laboratoře.
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Gt-10 Fx floorboard é um software para editar patches apartir do seu pc. Com o editor voce pode baixar patches na web para testalos e fazer correção de acordo com seus equipamentos e instrumentos.
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Just a little Dabbling, Showing the Sensitivity & Pick Responsive, & Plexi-ish nature of this great Boss Pedal. Stereo out of Line 6 Echo Park into Peavy Bravo & Peavey Bandit, Both Set Very Low & clean. Both amps Mic'd with SM57's ... Guitar is Fender Deluxe Ash Stratocaster w/ SNC Noiseless Pickups.
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esse vídeo é sobre esse timbre aqui que eu gravei à alguns dias atras descrição do vídeo link:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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GREAT SOUND QUALITY!!! Some distortion tones from the Guitar Multieffects BOSS ME-25. Ledur Custom Stratocaster Pickups: DiMarzio HS-3 (Bridge) and HS-4 YJM (neck). Recorded with Cubase 5, right in a M-Audio Fast Track. Metallica Deep Purple Megadeth Dream Theater Yngwie Malmsteen Ozzy Osbourne Dire Straits
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00:00 Hard Rock, 00:29 Twangy Gain, 00:43 Crunchy Funk, 01:06 Freeze Function, 02:03 Looper Demo is very random and generally nonsense! Pedal is great though. Picked up this amazing Boss pedal for $83 Aussie dollars on Ebay. Couldn't let it go and I don't regret it. Though it doesn't have all the adjustability of the Digitech RP 355 the tones are IMO superior. For example, adjusting the volume control on the guitar is actually useful unlike some other pedals and modelling amps. Highly recommended. Using the brilliant Fender MIM Standard Stratocaster with recently installed Tex-Mex Pickups. (Couldn't let those go for $50 either!) Recording straight into the computer by USB connection.
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This video is about DS1X - OD1X Strat final
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clean first / later with Okko Diablo Gain+ Overdrive / Amp: Fender Vibroverb (original 1963), Vahlbruch Spacetime Delay, Korg Pitchblack Tuner. For more infos on my recording equipment and other questions check my homepage: Check the guitars for sale site and see "question + answers" for recording equipment, strings and picks and much more:
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More info here... Thanks for watching ! Find out more about Nevada Music here... Subscribe Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Website The Squier Classic Vibe 1950's style Stratocaster provides an authentic '50s-era Fender vibe and tone. It uses an Alder body and has a period-correct Two-colour Sunburst finish, the vintage tint Maple neck also sports a Maple fingerboard with 21 medium-jumbo frets and a contemporary 9.5" radius. The classic Stratocaster tone comes from a custom set of Alnico III single-coil pickups, providing clarity and a bright top end to the sound. Custom staggered pole-pieces provide improved string-to-string balance and this instrument has a great blend between the classic look and feel of a 1950's Strat with all of the advantages of today's modern guitar technology ... Read more:
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Neste vídeo estarei demonstrando um patch que eu criei na Boss GT-10, cujo som se assemelha a um som de teclado ou de um orgão. In this video I will show a patch that I created on Boss GT-10, whose sound resembles the sound of a keyboard or organ. Basically I used the pitch shifter with 2 mono voices, (+1 octave and -1 octave), both with low volumes, and that is +1 octave has feedback with level 35. Plate reverb with very high parameters, and delay with moderate speed and cutting treble. With these same ideas you can come up with similar results. Even my video is in Portuguese, I ask that you try to follow the small screen that shows the Boss GT-10. Repeating what I did you will obtain the results, and even can make your own adjustments. Hope you like it. I apologize for any typing error, I am not very good in English language, so I wrote and then I used the Google translator to give me a hand and I can check if what I wrote at least said something like what I wanted to say . Link to download the patch: Gere receita com seus links!! Paulinho Fillho - Paulinho
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This is PART ONE of my complete Fender Stratocaster custom build video of the famous Strat from Mr Leo Fender. These videos (for the Mark I strat i.e. this one) extend for well over 1.5 hours of instructions and tips. Part ONE: Part TWO: Part THREE: PLAYED 1: PLAYED 2: Everything except the body, scratchplate and pickups is genuine Fender FMIC but just the pickups alone are not Fender Licensed... so you could say that this is a FENDER guitar in almost every way... It's just that the pickups are BETTER than the Fender stuff. Fitted pickups on this strat are David White pickups from 1994. David sadly died some time ago so there will be no more - but he left a legacy that no one has really addressed to this day - if ever you see some for sale... just buy them! However, this is a strat the likes of which you have never seen before - and I show you EXACTLY how to build your strat - you know - the one they DONT make. I show you some of the techniques that will make your Custom Strat the best Stratocaster in the world at ANY price - and this one would cost you around just $1200 (or £800 in the UK). Its likely that if Fender made anything like this (which they do not) that you could easily pay many more thousands of dollars (or pounds) and even that might not come close to this awesome instrument. Imagine having a Strat with looks to kill for, but somehow it's like an old friend, it makes you feel right at home and plays 'your' tune as you caress the fretboard. This strat turned out to be a real corker of a guitar and whether you play blues, rock or anything else you can be sure that this guitar will hack it. I guess thats why the Fender Strat is simply the biggest selling guitar in the world. Easy to develop, easy to make, easy to customise and easy to be yours compared to some of those prices out there. So why not make one like I show you here? Don't know what to do? Frightened at the prospects? Trust me - it's much easier than you think - and Mr Leo Fender wanted it to be that way. This video is the first in a series of THREE plus another video teaser showing this guitar in action (but also in video THREE you can listen to the strat with differing musical tastes and styles showing exactly how this guitar sounds) rather than the rock stuff played in the teaser video. I am also building a MARK II Fender Stratocaster which in fact knocks the socks off this one in a nuber of ways, but you will have to wait a short while for that one (the bank is complaining) but all I can say is that if you watch video three somewhere near the middle I do show you a pic of the body and the neck for that guitar is shown in these videos too. Don't forget that my Strat builder site is going to get an update of this guitar and videos. The MARK II version will be featured on there also, but until then there is a strat I built a while ago which will vanish from those pages once I do the website update... And don't forget to visit my main site for reviews of masses of amps, guitars, effects etc. Real reviews (I buy everything I review) without the bullshit from dealers, manufacturers or any other undesireable commedians - just the simple truth about the kit under review. This video (and the whole series) is copyright A B Mckenzie 2011 and All Trademarks Acknowledged. Please do not copy this video and infringe my copyright.
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