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Luxury Complete Basha In Bangladesh Sylhet Tajpur Balagonj Osmani Nagor

From: Sha Ahmed
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Garden Tower sylhet
From: 14syedali
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A very popular restaurant in the centre of sylhet. They serve a variety of foods mainly pure bangladeshi food although you can get grilled food. They also have a juice bar which serve freshly squeezed
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Pronounced Fas Bhai, is a very well known and popular restaurant in sylhet where they serve a variety of bangladeshi food. They bring a large selection of chutneys & bhaji's around 10-15 different ones first and then you have your main, fish or chicken after. A must for anyone visiting Sylhet.
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Maas Bazar (Fish Market) - Largest fish market in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Bondor Bazar / Bandar Bazar. Near Zindabazar
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"Driven by a riddle, Abrar, heads to Sylhet to decipher the hidden meaning written in the riddle.At Sylhet, Abrar gets to know the mysticism lies in the region as Sylhet is famous for it's heritage of mysticism. Abrar finds himself in Hazrat Shahzalal shrine, the famous shrine in Bangladesh for it's interesting and rich history.He does a lot of activities in Sylhet- going to local monipuri market, eating ' Akhni polao', dancing with the 'Ishkon' people and he finds a guy called Mohasin who takes him to Ratargul forest, the snake sanctuary of Bangladesh. With an adventurous boat ride at Ratargul forest, Abrar gradually realize that discovering the different things in Bangladesh is actually redefining his stereo-typed meaning of 'Love for Bangladesh'. All these stories of 'From Bangladesh with love' are brought to you by
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Landing in sylhet Bangladesh
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Documentary based on the villagers' life.
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From: msahenoor
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The house is built by Oliur Rahman and the Brothers. It was designed by Mr Rashel & Oliur Rahman. We have designed 2 houses and near completion.
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Bangladesh House Sonori Villa (Mr Ala Uddin)
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Catching Fish in a pond with large net. Fishes are caught and only the large ones are kept the rest are released back in water Location : Gazir Gach Khola Village, Matlab Thana, Chandpur Destrict, Bangladesh
From: bangla246
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my house in Bangladesh
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jahangir''tamanna wedding in sylhet. bangladesh
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Begging Bangladesh singing nasheed gazal naat praise prophet Nabi nobi style islam sylhet zinda baazr bazar hokir bik
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part 2
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