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Luxury Complete Basha In Bangladesh Sylhet Tajpur Balagonj Osmani Nagor

A very popular restaurant in the centre of sylhet. They serve a variety of foods mainly pure bangladeshi food although you can get grilled food. They also have a juice bar which serve freshly squeezed
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Maas Bazar (Fish Market) - Largest fish market in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Bondor Bazar / Bandar Bazar. Near Zindabazar
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Eid Shopping in Sylhet SYLHETER KHOBOR Date: 10 September 2010 Channel S Television UK Sky 814
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The famed Taj Mahal has long inspired copies made from such materials as matchsticks, plastic blocks, or sand. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, built a three-quarter-sized replica for a shopping festival several years ago. Architects may decry such attempts to replicate the Mughal masterpiece but that has not dissuaded a Bangladeshi man from spending millions of dollars to build what he claims is a life-sized copy of the original. VOA Correspondent Steve Herman traveled to Sonargaon in Bangladesh to have a look.
From: VOA News
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Documentary based on the villagers' life.
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part 2
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Another video clip of the fishery in Jagannathpur, Izla Fishery Haji Safor Ali Agro Ltd.
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build 01.06.2009
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A Beautiful Tea Garden in Bangladesh- Sreemangal, Sylet Srimongal- the Tea capital of Bangladesh is just 191 km. from Dhaka. The lush green tea plantation, Rubber garden and the beautiful lake always attracts the foreign tourists. The Lauawachara rain forest is the habitat of white browed Gibbons, hornbills and many other rare animals and birds. You will be inspired to visit the colorful Manipuri tribal culture. Explore also Khashia and Tripra life style. The Madhobkhunda waterfall and the stone query from the hilly river at Jaflong (Bangladesh - India border) will be interesting for anyone. Srimongal is also famous for lemon, pineapple, orange and many other delicious fruits. The rain forest and wetlands of Srimongal and Sylhet are the best place for bird watching. Here you may find many species of local and migratory birds.
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Mohiuddin Sumon Habiganj Sylhet Bangladesh
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Sylhet by airport, adventure world dec 2010
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i started my trip from my house in Tamabil Road, Khadimpara, Khadim Nogor, Sylhet, just 3 minute before Hazrat shah poran R.A mazar sharif main gate, Jaflong is a natural tourist spot in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District and situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is filed with natural resources (i.e. natural stones) and beauty. It is one of famous tourist spot of Bangladesh. Crystal clear cool water flows down straight from the mountains of the other side of border. Hilltop residences and roads of India can be seen from here. It is one of the richest stone quarry of Bangladesh. Red sand can also be found here. The roads are really awesome, like climbing up on a hill and then back down.
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The villagers have no water supply and their house/hut is falling apart.
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Eid Al Adha 2012 Livestock Market ( Gorur Bazar). Goalabazar. Sylhet. Bangladesh.
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Rikshaw trip around Zinda Baazar Sylhet.
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Watch More Bangladeshi Videos @
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"একরাশ ভালবাসা বুকে নিয়ে বাংলার মায়া ভরা পথে হেঁটে চলা..." Hey Friends from all over the world. please show some good attitude toward love respect and other nations. lets not be against each others.lets be humane and think positively . it will help you to grow your mind and so your upcoming generations. lets not hate each others. No matter which country you represent or you from, you cant stop ONE from dreaming. My intention was to offer a dream. i cant fulfill this dream to reality. it needs lots of sacrifice and hard work and as well as a positive mind. i have mine why dont you offer yours !!! Lets make the whole ASIA look like this Video ( BD, INDIA, PAK, NEPAL ..etc ). shouldn't we be proud of what we are thinking of ? lets live peacefully ...Amin ( May God Protect us from the Bad influences ) Peace!!"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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I have managed to capture some of the popular things to see in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Anyone who is from Sylhet would recognize the scenes, hope you enjoy it. Video by: Abul Akhtar
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Catching Fish in a pond with large net. Fishes are caught and only the large ones are kept the rest are released back in water Location : Gazir Gach Khola Village, Matlab Thana, Chandpur Destrict, Bangladesh
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