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MtF Transgendered - On Hormones For 1 1/2 Years - 2011

It's July 2013. In July 2012, I made the most important decision of my life: to stop pretending to be a man. I meant to put more effort into this slideshow, but I've been busy with work, etc. My two-year video will be better!
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This is my lame ass photo montage. Hope you like it! Music: "9 Ghosts" - Nine Inch Nails "It Comes and It Goes" - Dido (I am making no money off of this)
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So it only seems right that I make my first video on this channel a transition timeline. I made this video with my iphone, but if this video leads you guys to wanting more then obv course I'll be making them in HD. Feel free to ask anything! Follow my Instagram: ashleeryanrosexox **IF I GET ENOUGH QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION I WILL MAKE A Q&A**
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This video is starting to get a little old. Check out some of my new videos! A short slideshow of my journey from male to female at about 18 months on hormones. See my follow up commentary here: There were many videos that I've come across in the past that encouraged me to start my own journey. I hope my video can encourage someone else in the same way. Please consider supporting my transition:
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My lovely journey since August 3rd, 1998. Enjoy :)
From: FTMiaSpaz
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I thought I would share my transition with everyone this far. I have had no surgery and no hormone therapy as of April 2011. I have started to see a therapist and will hopefully be doing my hormone therapy at the start of Summer 2011. Follow Me! @Josie_Michelle
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Here is a first video of me, explaing how im not on hormones, but soon i really want to get on with the whole idea of feminizing my whole body/apperance by taking hormones, to improve more on certain areas :D, and i know this video i said its October, and its true... i havent had the time to play on youtube so this is actually my chance now :P.And like i said i will be posting more vids and slides, and maybe next time the quality will be alott better !
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1 year on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for!! I can't even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone who's supported me along the way, thank-you; it's been an amazing year and I am sooo looking forward to the future! :) A little background: born and raised in small town Alberta, in Canada, moved to the west coast in my early twenties and have been working towards transitioning ever since. I always knew I was a tad different than the other boys but didn't really find out that other "trans" people existed until i was in my late teens (oh the internet), from there i researched and thought and did everything i could to try to make my appearance match my inner workings. Since I've started HRT i've began to feel much more comfortable in my own skin and the happiness and contentment i've been struggling for so long finally exists in my life. YOU can make your dreams come true, follow your heart and whatever you do - don't surrender. lotsa love, xox (my gender breakdown: Physical - male, now mtf; Brain - female, yet have always have felt like a bit of a tom boy; and Identity - transexual woman, a transgendered woman who lives everyday as a genetic woman)
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This is our top 5 MTF transition or " Male to Female transition " using Hormones and surgeries to fully transition . If you like the video Hit " Subscribe " + " Share " + "Like " .
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So this is what I looked like originally, and what I looked like after Facial Feminization and Breast Augmentation and of course lots of HRT. Hope you enjoy! Music courtesy of Las Ketchup.
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Uma ínfima amostra da vida de pessoas trans foi mostrada pelo programa Profissão Repórter, exibido na Globo em 18 de novembro de 2014. O programa pecou por usar termos inadequados, tais como "mudança de sexo", em suas chamadas, ainda que tenham sido informados pelos próprios entrevistados sobre os corretos ("redesignação sexual", no caso). Também houve tratamentos incorretos. Além disso, o programa teve uma tendência sensacionalista ao invés de focar na conscientização sobre a questão da identidade de gênero. Diversos temas pertinentes ao assunto não foram tratados, como: diferença entre identidade de gênero e orientação sexual (termos confundidos por muitas pessoas até hoje, infelizmente), disforia, a necessidade de despatologização da transexualidade (tal como já ocorreu com a homossexualidade, por exemplo), a violência do protocolo transexualizador, pessoas não-binárias, transfobia, a questão do gênero como construção social, dentre outros. Entretanto, tal como o processo transexualizador no SUS, a veiculação do programa no principal canal de televisão aberto do Brasil, ainda que insatisfatória, já é um primeiro passo. Que a questão trans possa ter cada vez mais espaço na mídia de forma respeitosa: com o objetivo de conscientizar e não de fazer sensacionalismo barato ou chacota.
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This video is for educational purpose showing Effects of hormone replacement therapy on m2f transsexual . Subscribe For more Originally uploaded here ="font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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When Fantasies Are Fulfilled, Chapter 17- Just giving the finer details of what to expect when rearranging your body's chemistry, aided by the monthly documentation of face changes via photographs. Expect a lot more than just a rearranging of your looks; it's like getting possessed by another person, only no sort of exorcism can remove the new person once the changes begin to occur. Music snippet, River of night's dreaming, by Bekki Williams
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Going from boy to girl. i started on july of 2009 and the last 4 pics were yesterday (july 28, 2010). if you have any questions or want to get in touch with me you can look for me on facebook under Dayamid Styles.
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This is my redo of my classic transition video. I wanted to show that i didn't just sit in front of my computer. I actually did stuff and transition slowly with all my friends there for me. Use your peeps, you'll need em. please visit my fundraising site and help me raise the money i need for my final surgery =) all donations a greatly appreciated.
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My Facebook Page: This a video timeline before I started HRT. I will be making videos on a regular basis talking about my journey and answering any questions anyone might have.
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This is me, a 25 year old transgender female, over the last year and some months of my transition. I Only started my full time life as a woman recently but the changes are worth looking at. Hormones do work. =-)
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The question about love - what's the border of it? Race... Religion... Gender...? "Any Decent Woman Wouldn't Do This" by "Pang Nutnicha" Mono Music. Thailand
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Thank you to all my subscribers for making this year great
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This is my updated transition vid, showing the past two years of coming out and attempting a change. Check out my other channel: My Tumblr: My Facebook: My Paypal: The Email for it is,
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Pictures of me, who's been struggling with this gender issue forever. Do you like them?
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Kim Petras comenzó el tratamiento para la reasignación de sexo a los 12 años; además cuenta ya con varios sencillos como cantante juvenil de pop en Alemania. Entrevista durante su primer viaje a España.
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Peorian Kelly Shore talks about the challenges of growing up transgender in Central Illinois.
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Indonesian transsexuals, or Warias, still feel the urge to practice Islam despite being shunned by Islamic Authorities. We headed to Indonesia to visit the Senin-Kamis School, an Islamic school for Indonesian transsexuals. Our host, Hannah Brooks, meets the school's founder, Maryani, and the rest of the ladies who call this place home. Then Hannah is taken to a local funeral, where Maryani speaks about the difficulties of living as a transvestite and a practicing Muslim. Check out the VICE "Best Of" playlist here: Subscribe for videos that are actually good: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like VICE on Facebook: Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our tumblr:
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