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MtF Transgendered - On Hormones For 1 1/2 Years - 2011

It's July 2013. In July 2012, I made the most important decision of my life: to stop pretending to be a man. I meant to put more effort into this slideshow, but I've been busy with work, etc. My two-year video will be better!
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My lovely journey since August 3rd, 1998. Enjoy :)
From: FTMiaSpaz
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This video is starting to get a little old. Check out some of my new videos! A short slideshow of my journey from male to female at about 18 months on hormones. See my follow up commentary here: There were many videos that I've come across in the past that encouraged me to start my own journey. I hope my video can encourage someone else in the same way. Please consider supporting my transition:
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When Fantasies Are Fulfilled, Chapter 17- Just giving the finer details of what to expect when rearranging your body's chemistry, aided by the monthly documentation of face changes via photographs. Expect a lot more than just a rearranging of your looks; it's like getting possessed by another person, only no sort of exorcism can remove the new person once the changes begin to occur. Music snippet, River of night's dreaming, by Bekki Williams
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Here is a first video of me, explaing how im not on hormones, but soon i really want to get on with the whole idea of feminizing my whole body/apperance by taking hormones, to improve more on certain areas :D, and i know this video i said its October, and its true... i havent had the time to play on youtube so this is actually my chance now :P.And like i said i will be posting more vids and slides, and maybe next time the quality will be alott better !
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I thought I would share my transition with everyone this far. I have had no surgery and no hormone therapy as of April 2011. I have started to see a therapist and will hopefully be doing my hormone therapy at the start of Summer 2011. Follow Me! @Josie_Michelle
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Thank you to all my subscribers for making this year great
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This is my lame ass photo montage. Hope you like it! Music: "9 Ghosts" - Nine Inch Nails "It Comes and It Goes" - Dido (I am making no money off of this)
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So this is what I looked like originally, and what I looked like after Facial Feminization and Breast Augmentation and of course lots of HRT. Hope you enjoy! Music courtesy of Las Ketchup.
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This is a Q&A with Barry, a transgender MTF.
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First 6 months of my MtF transition, started at 41 yrs old.
From: KeriB
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Click HERE to see more of me === A picture slideshow of my 18 month transgender timeline journey on hormones from male to Female. For business ONLY: My instagram: MizzChelseaJade Twitter : @Mschelseajade Facebook: Snapchat: ChelseaAngel777 Music in this video is my own and cannot be used without permission from me. My 6 month timeline:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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This is our top 5 MTF transition or " Male to Female transition " using Hormones and surgeries to fully transition . If you like the video Hit " Subscribe " + " Share " + "Like " .
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Going from boy to girl. i started on july of 2009 and the last 4 pics were yesterday (july 28, 2010). if you have any questions or want to get in touch with me you can look for me on facebook under Dayamid Styles.
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So it only seems right that I make my first video on this channel a transition timeline. I made this video with my iphone, but if this video leads you guys to wanting more then obv course I'll be making them in HD. Feel free to ask anything! Follow my Instagram: ashleeryanrosexox **IF I GET ENOUGH QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION I WILL MAKE A Q&A**
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This is a very personal video on how I transitioned since I am a male to female transgender. I have been on the HRT for 3 years now and I started at the age of 16. Please feel free 2 comment, share or rate my video at any time ♥ The song is called Bullet Train - Stephen Schwartz feat. Joni Fatora
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This is my transition timeline and 4 years on HRT Music is by my band Spectacular Spectacular, follow my band on SoundCloud: Follow me on: SoundCloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Amazon wish list:
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TGirl Nights (TM) continues to produce top notch Transgender events here in Southern California! Come party with us Saturday, May 21st at our Huge Long Beach PRIDE PARTY! www, for more details! (Video shot and edited by Gio) TGirl Nights (TM)
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(Updated 25/02/2013) Ok, so this is basically just pictures of me as myself before any notion of transition, then pictures as I was starting the process and about a year into it. Towards the end I ran out of photos so used edited bits from vlogs to fill in the space. In a few years time I may do an actual full Start to End set of pictures? But I didn't expect it to get so many views in the first place which has been both surprising and kinda unnerving... (Read More) It's just simply some raw pictures of me at the start of a journey that I wanted to share with others in similar positions. That's its only purpose and thanks for the encouraging words to the people that have left such nice comments.
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FaceBook for DEMI WHORE.. Facebook for DannyBoy Demi Whores Blog YouTube Channel My Blog A lot of you have been hounding me how do i get my make-up so flawless, so i have decided to let you in on my professional make-up secrets...If any of you have any comments or want to ask me anything just comment in the box below, or if you have any looks you want me to create, just let me know, ill always help out where i Demi Whore You can also follow and find me on
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Peorian Kelly Shore talks about the challenges of growing up transgender in Central Illinois.
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Click HERE to see more of me === My 12 month HRT transgender transition timeline.... I hope you enjoy. :-) My 6 month transition video and more in-depth story of my childhood is here :"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Pictures of me, who's been struggling with this gender issue forever. Do you like them?
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