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MtF Transgendered - On Hormones For 1 1/2 Years - 2011

Hey everyone ;3 This is my transition progress. My name is Alexandra and I am 18 y/o. This timeline shows my whole way through my transitioning via hormone replacement therapy and anti testosterone injections! If you have any questions feel free 2 contact me or write a comment below ♥ My transition began at the age of 16 and I am now on it since 2 1/2 years! Please try to add critics on a constructive and diplomatic way, theres no need to be rude :P I do not own this song nor I have any rights regarding to it and I do not wish to. Song Name: WEKEED, wild child Software used: Windows Movie Maker 2012
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This is my lame ass photo montage. Hope you like it! Music: "9 Ghosts" - Nine Inch Nails "It Comes and It Goes" - Dido (I am making no money off of this)
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If you were wondering when I knew I was trans, I would say I always knew. I started my Hormone Replacement Therapy on my 20th birthday, July 14th 2012, It has now been 2 years. Hope you guys like the video. More are coming soon... HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS ? MALE TO FEMALE TRANSITION (1Year+10Months) | EARTH TWERKING IN THE GYM! MATCHY MAKEUP TUTORIAL | USING DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS FLAWLESS MAKEUP TUTORIAL | EASY EVERYDAY FRESH LOOK My Boyfriend and I in Phuket!
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A segunda edição do Miss Transex 2013, concurso de transexuais e travestis, elegeu na noite desta segunda-feira, no Rio de Janeiro, a mais bela transexual do Brasil. A vencedora Raika Ferraz vai representar o país em um concurso internacional que acontece na Tailândia.
From: afpbr
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I short slideshow of my journey from male to female at about 18 months on hormones. See my follow up commentary here: There were many videos that I've come across in the past that encouraged me to start my own journey. I hope my video can encourage someone else in the same way. Song: I Don't Deserve You (Seven Lions, Maor Levi & Bluestone Original Mashup) (Edited by Christina Ash) - Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb
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My lovely journey since August 3rd, 1998. Enjoy :)
From: FTMiaSpaz
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So this is what I looked like originally, and what I looked like after Facial Feminization and Breast Augmentation and of course lots of HRT. Hope you enjoy! Music courtesy of Las Ketchup.
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past me to now me. my gender has been all OVER the place.
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Harley Code MTF transition timeline of 3 years on hormones. FYI: I am not raising money for SRS or anything, so don't believe those scams. Lol. I had someone pretend to be me and raise money. So just be aware. :) Transgender Collaboration Channel: TransByDef Music: God Module - Falling In Space
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Indonesian transsexuals, or Warias, still feel the urge to practice Islam despite being shunned by Islamic Authorities. We headed to Indonesia to visit the Senin-Kamis School, an Islamic school for Indonesian transsexuals. Our host, Hannah Brooks, meets the school's founder, Maryani, and the rest of the ladies who call this place home. Then Hannah is taken to a local funeral, where Maryani speaks about the difficulties of living as a transvestite and a practicing Muslim. Check out the VICE "Best Of" playlist here: Subscribe for videos that are actually good: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like VICE on Facebook: Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our tumblr:
From: VICE
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This is a Q&A with Barry, a transgender MTF.
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today's transgendered people in asian cultures
From: bewng1
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Here is a first video of me, explaing how im not on hormones, but soon i really want to get on with the whole idea of feminizing my whole body/apperance by taking hormones, to improve more on certain areas :D, and i know this video i said its October, and its true... i havent had the time to play on youtube so this is actually my chance now :P.And like i said i will be posting more vids and slides, and maybe next time the quality will be alott better !
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A woman married to a transexual. Struggles ... The story... The passion. The funny story! LOL
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Since I started hormones last December 2nd, I had planned on posting a slide show of photos from over the years to document the changes I have seen. I enjoyed making this video, and I hope yall enjoy watching it! Also, my old channel was Unfortunately, I lost access to my old email account after leaving the school I was at, and can no longer access it. That is why I have the new account! Music: I do not own any of the music played in this video, and no copyright infringement was intended. All of the information about the songs played is listed at the end of the movie, as well as below. Matchbox Twenty How Far We've come Exile on Mainstream October 2, 2007 Label: Atlantic Producers: Steve Lillywhite and Matt Serletic Relient K Be My Escape Mmhmm November 2, 2004 Label: Gotee, Capitol, Mono Vs Stereo Producers: Mark Lee Townsend, Matt Thiessen
From: Ashley
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Hey guys this is my 2nd video ♥ This video is about my life and experience of being transsexual and through everything I went and my ongoing problems. As information I do not support anything like anorexia. This video also contains a small part out of my sexual life so it might be inappropriate for some. I did this video on the purpose of explaining myself and to let you know how I live with all my issues and problems :) If you have any criticism please submit it in a constructive way so that I can work on myself through it. Sorry for the few grammar mistakes in the video but I really was very nervous on doing my first vid xD! I thank you all for any kind of suggestions to improve the quality of my videos. Thanks for your attention and please feel free to ♥ + subscribe to my channel :3 Comments are very welcome :D
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Part 1: Barbara Walters catches up with a girl who says she was born in the wrong body.
From: ABC News
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Part 2: How will puberty affect Jazz's quest to live as a girl?
From: ABC News
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Me rambling , Hormone update
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1 year on hormones = 1 year of a life fully lived Songs: Enya - Wild Child Enya - Anywhere Is Enya - Orinocco Flow (Sail Away) Twitter:
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The question about love - what's the border of it? Race... Religion... Gender...? "Any Decent Woman Wouldn't Do This" by "Pang Nutnicha" Mono Music. Thailand
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I said I would do something special for my 100th video. I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is! Consider this a sequel to my original "My Life in Pictures" :) Special thanks to Andy Lewis, author of the soundtrack of this video. Download this song and more from his soundcloud page: Runway clothes by Artifice Clothing:
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