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ICE On Ice - Recumbent Trikes In The Snow And ICE

Sorry about the sound I had two clips from Ozzy Osbourne tracks on the Video and the company muted the all the Video? that was a shame as it was a good video with over a thousand hits I tried to take the tracks clips off but could not so that means the Video will remain silent as I did not have the copy with out the tracks on! many thanks Ozzy ? SUNDAY RIDE INTO THE HILLS Summer at last JELY BABY RUN !!!
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Learn more about ICE recumbent trikes at Over Christmas 2013 a British woman will attempt to become the first person to cycle to the South Pole. Racing over 400 miles from the edge of the Antarctic continent Maria Lijerstam hopes to beat two other male contenders to claim the world record. Maria, aged 35, will face savage conditions with temperatures as low as -35°C and wind speeds up to 50 miles per hour. She will have to overcome dangerous obstacles such as crevasses, shifting ice shelves, glaciers and snowstorms. This audacious challenge has been attempted before by riders on standard winter bikes known as Fat Bikes, but none have yet succeeded. After two years research Maria has taken a radical new approach that could help win her the title and re-define the future of polar expeditions. "Fat Bikes fail because they get blown over in the high winds, or can't ride fast enough through the snow to stay upright. I knew I needed something that would overcome these limitations." said Maria, who runs Multisports Wales. Maria will ride an extraordinary polar cycle designed specifically for the challenge by the aptly named ICE Trikes, based in Falmouth, UK. The custom-made machine is a recumbent trike, which is stable and aerodynamic. Riding in the recumbent position Maria can focus her energy on progressing through the gale-force winds and hazardous terrain. "The trike is amazing. It's completely stable, even in extreme winds and I can take on long steep hills that I'd never be able to climb on a bike" said Maria. The design is based on a standard ICE Sprint recumbent trike, with modifications to ensure it can tackle the rigorous challenge ahead. The frame is made from an aircraft grade steel selected for it's strength and fatigue resistance. It is fitted with 4.5 inch wide snow tyres for unsurpassed traction and float over snow and ice. The gears are effectively twice as easy as a standard mountain bike, which will allow Maria to climb 1-in-3 gradients. "This is a beast of a trike. It's very special and there's nothing else like it in the world. Our standard trikes are highly sophisticated and they retail from £2000. Maria's trike would cost in the region of £20,000" said Chris Parker, director of ICE Trikes and designer of Maria's polar trike. Maria's preparation has included training and equipment testing in Siberia, Norway and Iceland. To replicate the severe cold of Antarctica she has endured a day cycling in an industrial freezer -- much to the surprise of factory workers who continued to stack shelves with frozen food. Maria has identified a route to the South Pole virtually untested by polar explorers. She will start her bid for the world record by climbing the Leverett Glacier before heading due south for the South Pole some 400 miles ahead. The route she will take is used by American scientists based at the McMurdo Research Station on the Ross Ice Shelf to transport fuel to the South Pole. The radical approach of using a recumbent trike on a new route could re-define the future of polar expeditions. Maria predicts that extreme tourism companies will offer trike expeditions in the near future. "In a few years' time companies who now run polar ski tours will also offer polar trike tours" said Maria. As manager of a company that organises adventure races and training, Maria knows the industry well. She is accustomed to extreme sports and in 2012 came second in the Black Ice Race -- a 400 mile winter cycle along the entire length of Lake Baikal in Siberia. Maria is now well and truly prepared to take on the challenge ahead. "I have met Maria, seen the polar cycle and spent time with her on her training trip in Iceland. I am convinced she has a very good chance of making it" said Emil Grimmsson, CEO of Arctic Trucks who will support Maria during her world record attempt. ITV will be broadcasting Maria's story in a documentary in January 2014 but in meantime you can watch the drama unfold live on her website Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more great videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: http://owl.y/qk1Y6
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Learn more about ICE recumbent trikes at: After a successful and energetic Eurobike 2013, 5 members of the ICE team headed to the Alps for some spectacular recumbent cycle riding before returning home. Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more great videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: http://owl.y/qk1Y6
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Recumbent trikes in action. Clips from films featured on the ICE Trikes YouTube channel. Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more great videos: Learn more about ICE recumbent trikes at:
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This video shows my journey how I begin my recumbent trike project. It's starting from a school project, then I continue it as my personal project. Through the years, it has undergone many changes. If you enjoy watching this video, please like it. If you have any suggestion or comment to improve my project and video, you can leave it below. Thanks for watching (^_^)
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In 2008 Simon Richardson competed as part of the Great Britain cycling team in the Beijing Paralympics. He won two Gold medals on the track and a Silver medal in the Time Trial. In 2001 Simon Richardson was struck from behind by a car doing 60 mph whilst out training. The accident shattered his leg and broke his back in 2 places. After a four year recovery, with a ratchet support system fitted to his spine and a left leg which no longer functioned, Simon used his love for cycling to rebuild his body. In 2008 he became part of the now legendary success of the Great Britain cycling team. Simon took two Gold medals and a Silver medal at the Beijing Paralympics, breaking the World Paralympic in the Kilo in the process; he was later awarded an MBE by the Queen in the 2009 New Years honours list. In August 2011, Simon suffered an almost copycat collision when a drunk driver collided with him at 11am in the morning on the A48 between Cowbridge and Bridgend, not far from his home in Porthcawl. Airlifted to hospital in a critical condition, he was diagnosed with a detached lung, a broken pelvis and a broken back in two places. Doctors said he would never ride again. Now on his second major recovery and determined to get back in the saddle, Simon has become an inspiration to many due to his strong mental attitude in the face of endeavour. Simon is now returning to competitive cycling on an ICE VTX recumbent trike. Find out more about Simon's ICE VTX trike here: Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more great videos:
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This instalment of the ICE Tech Guide shows how to fit a chain to an ICE Adventure or ICE Sprint trike. You will also learn how to adjust the chain length, which you will need to do if you change the boom length, change the chain ring or change the sprocket size. Learn more about ICE recumbent trikes at Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: http://owl.y/qk1Y6
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Urban tricycle prototype test drive Safety first and keep it cheap! Sturdy light construction, safe driver cage, full suspension, 3 cargo containers, plastic rain cover, easy electric hub motorisation, removable seat and battery pack - lock it on the street. Pedelec category - under bicycle legislation - no licence, tax nor insurance. In urban environment faster then a car. Leaning under development-not perfect yet.
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We've had a busy 2010, here's some of the highlights so far! First shown at the Midwest Recumbent Rally
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Chris Parker from ICE Trikes explains how he designed and built a recumbent trike capable of being cycled across Antarctica to the South Pole. The cycle needed to withstand temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius, and be capable of traversing ice, snow and the steep gradients of the Transantarctic Mountains via the Leverret Glacier. The expedition was self-supported, with the rider carrying necessary equipment and supplies for up to 20 days riding. In December 2013 Maria Leijerstam, from Team White Ice Cycle, used the trike in her world-record attempt to cycle across Antarctica to the South Pole. After 10 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes, Maria reached her destination, becoming the first person to cycle across Antarctica to the South Pole. Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes said "This was an extraordinary polar journey" Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more great videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: http://.owl.y/qk1Y6
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Time: 06:13 More in Science & Technology The 422 Alpha is Outrider's high end recumbent electric trike offering. It's ultra powerful with a 4,200 watt direct drive motor and 44 volt 48 amp hour Lithium-ion pack. There are three drive modes with the first offering just 750 watts and a 20mph top speed. The electric bike is 99 pounds and most of its components come from American companies, it's assembled in North Carolina.
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Learn more about ICE recumbent trikes at: Film of Dan at ICE HQ assembling a new Adventure recumbent trike to the stage where it's ready for shipping. Visit the ICE Trikes channel for more great videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: http://www.owl.y/qk1Y6
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Sometimes just taking it easy and cruisin' around some beautiful scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Rich and I ventured out again with Mom, and found a section of great trail up near Empire Ranch Road in Folsom, California. We're riding the Greenspeed GTO, Trice T and Trice Q26.
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Learn more about the White Ice Cycle at: MARIA BIDS FOR SOUTH POLE CYCLE TITLE A British woman will challenge two men to claim a world record in a race to cycle to the South Pole this Christmas. Adventurer Maria Leijerstam is heading out to Antarctica in an attempt to become the first person in the world to cycle to the South Pole from the edge of the continent. She will spend both Christmas day and New Years day cycling with the aim of reaching the South Pole by January 5 2014. This innovative polar journey could redefine the future of polar travel. Maria is up against American, Daniel Burton and Spaniard, Juan Menendez Granados both of whom are cycling the most common route from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole on standard winter bikes known as Fat Bikes. Maria's cycle is different. After two years of extensive research and later teaming up with experts from Inspired Cycle Engineering of Cornwall, they have developed an extraordinary polar cycle that has every chance of achieving this record. "She has been truly innovative", said Emil Grimsson, CEO of Arctic Trucks. Given the extreme strong winds that blow from the Pole, Maria has decided to cycle in a recumbent position to make herself more aerodynamic. She has also chosen three wheels over two due to the fact that there is far less stability in snow when riding at very slow speeds. She has added a pair of 4.5inch wide tyres to allow for traction and float. Maria is not only introducing a totally new concept to winter cycling but she is travelling a route which has been virtually untested by expeditionars. Maria will cycle up the crevase ridden Leverett Glacier negotiating 100 mile an hour gales which will cause deep snow drifts that she will have to fight through. After this 150 km battle on the glacier she will head due south on the polar plateau for the South Pole some 650km ahead. Currently the route is used by American scientists based at the McMurdo Research Station on the Ross Ice Shelf to transport fuel to the South Pole. Maria's training programme has been intense with three hours a day of training on top of her day job which involves running Multisport Wales, an events and training company. Maria is no stranger to unusual experiences and has even endured a whole day in an industrial freezer in Portsmouth at minus 20 degrees. This was a surprise to the factory workers who continued to stack shelves with freezer dried foods as Maria peddled away. As if that's not enough, she cycled across a frozen lake in eastern Siberia early in 2012 and has been on training trips to Norway and Iceland to test kit and equipment on glaciers and mountain ranges. Other training venues have included the snow dome in Tamworth and Loughborough University where her fitness has been monitored. She has also been training at Merthyr Mawr sand dunes near her home in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. "I'm lucky to have the sand dunes so close to me as it's served a purpose in many of my expedition training programmes," said Maria. "In 2006 I used the dunes for training for the Marathon des Sables, which is a race consisting of running six marathons in seven days across the Saraha Desert." "Now I'm using it to test my polar cycle for cycling in Antarctica. Even though it's not snow, the characteristics of sand are very similar and I'm delighted to say I managed to cycle up one of the dunes with 90kg of weight on my bike" said Maria. "It shows my legs are getting stronger." Maria is well and truly prepared to take on the challenge ahead. "I have met Maria, seen the polar cycle and spent time with her on her training trip in Iceland. I am convinced she has a very good chance of making it" said Arctic Trucks Project Manager, Guðmundur Guðjónsson who had led a number of expeditions to the South Pole. ITV will be broadcasting her story in a documentary in January 2014 but in the meantime you can watch the drama unfold live on her website Maria is offering guaranteed television coverage to a brand who wants worldwide exposure and association with the most innovative polar journey in modern history.
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5th FEB 2012 fun in the snow on the ice trike At last some snow! I brought the Winter tyres a few weeks back And have been waiting for snow to try them out, over all great fun And they work well, don't thing I would like to do a long ride with them on As there a bit hard work but in a low gear there fine, I got them for commuting to work on As I hate the bus!! There saying a freeze to night so they may well be ideal tomorrow.
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recumbent bicycle on railroad, rail riding is an incredible adventure, 45mph just casually pedaling down the tracks.
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Time: 05:41 More in Sports The Organic Transit ELF was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 as a solar powered electric recumbent trike. This review showcases their version 1.5 edition which has a few improvements including direct drive motor, larger battery, suspension, larger solar panel and improved steering. It's built around a custom designed aluminum chassis that uses all 26" wheels and now has suspension bumpers to smooth out the ride. The plastic body includes a windshield, roof (with built in 100 watt solar panel) and has options including a Nuvinci hub, wheel caps and upgraded tires. The bike goes 20mph top speed and has a recharge time of ~6 hours with the solar panel in optimal conditions. It has lights, turn signals and a horn built in for safety and use as a neighborhood electric vehicle. There are new options that the company is working on for multiple passengers, child seats and extra cargo space.
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The ICE team do the "Ice bucket challenge" in aid of the ALS Association (USA) and Motor Neuron Disease Association (UK). Nominated by Terratrike, we nominate Hostel Shoppe, Icletta and Brompton.
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First of two parts showing the cutting out, notching, jigging, brazing and TIG welding vs MIG welding processes involved in the construction of a recumbent tricycle frame. For the sake of brevity only key examples are shown. The music is from "My Favourite Guitar" by George Golla with apologies for the ugly industrial noises over the beautiful guitar work.
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Here am I starting my Velo from cold. I slightly over retarded the ignition hence when it starts after a few kicks it spits a bit. However, enjoy the sound. Filmed by my 8 year old
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HERE'S AN UPDATE - NOW IT HAS 13.000WATTS!:"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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A short video showing the Trice Q-26 recumbent trike.
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Big Joe, little Joe, Paul and I took to the Folsom trail on the trikes for our annual 4th of July ride. It turned out to be an epic ride. We rode to the top of Iron Point road for a great view of the Sacramento valley. We could see all the way to Mount Diablo. I ran out of drive space in the camera before we got to the top, but trust me, it was worth the effort!
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Created on February 24, 2012 using FlipShare.
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Hi I'm Adam from Bicycle Outfitters. I'm here today to talk to you about all the benefits and safety of riding a recumbent trike. A lot of times our customers come in and complain about the discomfort of riding a traditional upright. A lot of those discomfort areas are numbness in the saddle, numbness in the hands, wrist hurting, neck hurting and lower back getting tight, all of those issues can be resolved by riding a recumbent trike. The other benefit to the recumbent trike is obviously we have the lower center of gravity and the safety of 3 wheels. I just want to point out a few features that allow this bike to be very comfortable and safe. First of all we have full upper body support with lower lumbar support to support the lower back. We have also got a neck rest that helps support the neck as well as the saddle comes up to support the shoulders. You can also see that there is absolutely no pressure on the hands or the wrists. The fact that the bike has 3 wheels, when you come to a stop, you don't have to worry about putting your feet down for safety. The bike is really comfortable and safe. Full-Service bicycle shop located on the Pinellas Trail in Seminole, Florida (Tampa Bay) Sales, Service, Repair, Rental Our staff takes pride in helping you find the right bike and accessories to make biking a part of your life. We carry recumbent and recumbent trikes. Tops Brands include: Trek, Gary Fisher, Surly, Bacchetta, Catrike, Rans, Terra Trike, Sun Bikes, Family-owned Quality, Service, Trust Since 1996 Bicycle Outfitters 11198 70th Avenue N. Seminole, FL 33772 727-319-BIKE 727-319-2453 Store Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7 Saturday 10-5
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