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Efecto Morphing --- Sony Vegas

usando el pluing croma key de sony vegas se puede lograr este efecto de la pelicula depredador buen reto me lleve por parte de mi señora por sacar una cortina pero la idea estava y no avia otra cosa todo sea por el tutorial jaja saludos espero que les sirva y si van a usar una cortina pidanla y no la ensusien XD.
From: mauschico
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este es el link para que se lo descarguen y si quieres ver los plugins en este link los muestro todos
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efecto 3D sony vegas, espero que les halla gustado,, mun3k4 es un intro que hise para los montages que valla hacer jejej saludos ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------- logo efectos sony vegas 8 pro intros 3d tutorial , phurion, halo 2, halo 3, intro, montage, sony vegas, logo, tutorial, mlg............. Categoría: Cine y animación
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From: coolfab56
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Special Effects in Sony Vegas Pro 10.0: Cloning, Flying, Jumping, Levitation, Timefreeze, Heroe Jump, Energy Ball, Ghost Effect, Bitte folgt mir auf: Facebook = Twitter =!/GameTesterist Playstation 3 = DuJuRo E-Mail = Website = Bitte Abonnieren: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tutorials of my "Sony Vegas Pro 10 Special Effects Collection" you will find here :) Please watch:
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In this Adobe After Effects video tutorial from, Eran Stern will show you how to create a simple morph effect using time remapping and pixel motion. This is part of a video tutorial series from
From: cr8vcow
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Since i really like to help people, here's a really quick tutorial on how to get Vegas Pro 13! :) Sony Vegas Pro 13 Trail: Crack:!d5sTVBTI!GT_z7n0iRuAovQezWNOpPez3icjP__NKuRw_XFJk6VY WinRAR: Follow Subscribe Skype: ItsRevize Instagram: Join a partnership right now! Outro Song: Gros Dinero - What They Saying Free Download: Background Music: Tobu & Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release] Free Song Download: NCS House
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Si no le entienden hare otro que sea mas entendible
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Espero que gostem do tutorial! Download do pacote: Informação IMPORTANTE: O arquivo da luz está no formado .mov (formato padrão do quick time). Caso você não tenha conseguido utilizar o arquivo, use um conversor de vídeo e converta para WMV\MP4 ou qualquer outro formato de sua preferência para utilizá-lo na edição. Recomendo o FORMAT FACTORY, é um programa leve, simples e em português. Música: Mercy in Darkness - Two Steps From Hell Fonte utilizada: Trajan PRO Versão do software: Sony Vegas PRO 10 Todos os direitos reservados á Two Steps From Hell, distribuidora Extreme Music pela utilização da música. Curta a página no Facebook! Pela alta demanda, infelizmente não posso mais responder as dúvidas via email, por isso, criei um grupo no facebook do Funny VegasFX para que possamos trocar informações :), participem!:
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ATENCIÓN: Este VideoTutorial es una simple ayuda para que tomeis conciencia de como funciona el programa, si teneis dudas concretas de como usar el programa, o algún problema en particular creando un video, teneis a vuestra disposición un buen montón de foros de Video-Edición donde muchos expertos os ayudaran con vuestros problemas personalmente, algunos de estos foros son por ejemplo: y muchos más que teneis en la red,¡¡A disfrutar de la video edición sea dicho!! Saludos. -------------------------- Este Video Tutorial está dedicado al programa de Sony Vegas. Es un tutorial para crear videos básicos y faciles de hacer compuestos por 2 clips de videos, una transición entre ellos y una musica de fondo, además de tí­tulos en el propio video. Espero que os sirva de ayuda, adelante Spielbergs!! Este es un video tutorial de Sony Vegas para las las webs y
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pedido por ronaldo. Dificultad: Medio Avanzado
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EXPOSED!! Make $206.97 Per Day online! Click here now→ Frequently Asked Questions So Far: Q: Am I allowed to use "shareware/donationware fonts?" A: Yes, as long as it doesn't say "free for personal use." Q: Can you make me an intro? A: As of now, no. I'm currently limited on time. Q: Does this work for any other Sony Vegas Programs? A: Yes, it is only available for Sony Vegas 11 & 12! Q: I downloaded my text, and it doesn't work show up on Sony Vegas 12, what do I do? A: Close your project and open it back up. Try to type in the text again. If it doesn't work, the text isn't compatible with Sony Vegas 12 and won't work. Q: 6:10 thats what she said haha! A: Yup.. Hahaha! Get a Cool Font: Background Designs: Copyright Free Music: Any questions or trouble? Let me know down below and I'll be sure to help you all! :) Thumbnail Made by: If you enjoyed the video, please click that like button above to help support my channel! Also if you want to favorite the video, that would make my day! Thanks for all of your feedback! =~=~=~=~=~=~= Get Connected =~=~=~=~=~=~= Twitter: Twitch: Network: Undecided Skype: ThatKSKid For any business inquiries email me at
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Cuenta de klarita=) : Deviantart de klarita =):
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Tom.ography Hey guys sorry for not doing a tutorial in a while. Hopefully you guys are happy with this one, as it was requested a lot. In this tutorial I will teach you how to add and enhance the twitch effect in Sony Vegas Pro. This works in sv10-12. If you have any questions just message, comment, or add me on Skype. Leave some feedback and a like if you want. I'll do my best to get back to everyone. In the download link below I have provided the song and clip from this tutorial...Tom. Sub here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Download: Song is in the download link above.
From: Tom McCoy
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Tutorial como hacer un kamehameha con sony vegas sin adobe after effects
From: juxxx01
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Video tutorial para hacer letras con efecto de cristal.
From: SiRzUko
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ps. : I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABT WAX ANYMORE COZ I DONT USE IT ANYMORE! so stop asking question on how to do this or that, TQ Some effects done in Wax 2.0 : soundwave+clone, stop time+clone, morphing, rotomate, 3 clones. The transitions, title and credits are done in Sony Vegas. Sry for no sound effects, couldnt find the soundwave. Hope u enjoy the vid.Pls rate and comment, thnks. p.s. We might be using these effects in Heroes (Our Version) part 2! Click here to watch Heroes (Our Version) part one!"font-size: 11px; line-height: 1.4em; padding-left: 20px; padding-top: 1px;" width="146" valign="top">
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Had alot of requests of the crystal text when i figured it out how to make the crystal text... so ive made this tutorial, enjoy! (flash media)
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Segundo tutorial sobre intro's, espero que gostem! - Download do pacote:!138&parid=56E4142FFF8C7B84!114 - Curta a página no Facebook! Pela alta demanda, infelizmente não posso mais responder as dúvidas via email, por isso, criei um grupo no facebook do Funny VegasFX para que possamos trocar informações :), participem!:
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SOLARIS Conheça a network Solaris, suporte e contrato em português e pagamento mínimo de $1, saiba mais: CONHEÇA MEU NOVO CANAL: Dicas de apps, games e tutoriais para Android. ____________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD: SONY VEGAS PRO 11 (VERSÃO TESTES) ____________________________________________________ PORTAL TECNODIA Notícias sobre games e tecnologia, tutoriais, downloads... FÓRUM TECNODIA Divulgue seu canal, conheça outros YouTubers... BLOG DE HUMOR GERE RECEITA COM SEU SITE/LINKS ____________________________________________________ ▼ SIGA/CURTA ▼ TWITTER FACEBOOK - FANPAGE FACEBOOK - PERFIL GOOGLE + ____________________________________________________ ▼ APOIO ▼ Vw7 - Hospedagem de sites Widee Design ____________________________________________________ Brasil Gamer TV "Aprenda e compartilhe" ____________________________________________________ TAGS EXTRAS: tecnodia, criar intro sony vegas, como fazer uma intro no vegas, intro no sony vegas pro 11, tutorial para criar vinheta para canal, vinheta canal, introducao canal, tutoriais de vinheta
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Sony Vegas - 3D Text Reflection Tutorial -------------------------------------- Download project file: --------------------------------------
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SONY VEGAS PRO 13 Add me on Skype for Vegas Pro 13! CasualSavage SHOP: GAMING CHANNEL: _________________________________________________ What's up, in this video I am going to be showing you how to get Sony Vegas Pro 12 for free! This is very simple to do and takes less then 10 minutes! I hope it worked for you, if not leave a comment, message me on YouTube, Skype or Twitter and I'll try an help you out. Please subscribe and like for more videos like this! _________________________________________________ TRIAL (Windows 7 AND 8): _________________________________________________ WINDOWS 7 USERS DOWNLOAD HERE: --------------------------------------------------------------- **ONLY DOWNLOAD ONE CRACK/PATCH FILE** Crack/Patch (WINDOWS 7): Not working? Try this (WINDOWS 7): Still not working? Try this (WINDOWS 7): _________________________________________________ WINDOWS 8 USERS DOWNLOAD: --------------------------------------------------------------- _________________________________________________ Winrar: Sony Vegas Pro 12 Trial: _________________________________________________ Skype: CasualSavage Twitter: YouTube: _________________________________________________ Royalty Free Music by:
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Lets try and hit 500 LIKES!! LIKE & FAVORITE | OPEN THE DESCRIPTION ▼▼▼▼▼ «This Video Is For Educational Purposes Only» This is a tutorial on how to get Sony Vegas Pro 13 for free! All the links you might need are located below. If you found this helpful, please leave a thumbs up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! Downloads ↓ Sony Vegas Pro™ 13 Winrar (32-Bit) If mega does not work, here is a mediafire link ↓ If you prefer a torrent download, click the link below ↓ Facebook: Instagram:
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This a very long video, and it's replacing the beginner's tutorial I made for Vegas Pro 11 last year. But I thought I should introduce this program with an in-depth/easy-to-follow tutorial for people who are new to using Vegas Pro software. To make this guide organized, I separated this video into different sections so that its easier for the viewers to follow along. In this introductory video, I'll be talking about the interface of Vegas Pro 12, how to trim a video, adding transitions, adding video fx, exporting your video etc. There's nothing too advanced to learn about in this video, I just explain and go through some of the basics. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be uploading tutorials that go over some of the small and big features of Vegas Pro 12, some advanced, some simple. If you've learned a lot just from watching this video, please help me out in return by liking, comment, and sharing this video with your friends. A like, and a comment goes a long way! [Got a question? Ask in the comments down below and either I or someone knowledge about the program will answer your question!]
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este video es hecho solo con sony vegas 7.0 velos en los videos back street dan 1
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