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TOUROS CRV LAGOA - Segredo (Gir Leiteiro) Nova

The Gir heifer at last mated with the Malnad Gidda bull (Dwarf bull)The Gidda tried almost 1 month of caressing, foreplay, aggressive mounts yet could not succeed in mating,though she being in heat. The Gir heifer showed the independent disposition of the gir breed trait, She unwillingly accepted him as her mate. Being her first experience, mild shivering running inside her due to the hidden fear is visible in her leg muscles.
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Guilherme de Sá, criador de Gir em Hidrolandia (GO), mostra um lote de filhas do touro Radar dos Poções na fazenda dos poções, de Artur Souto Maior Filizola. Autor: Rosimar Silva
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Touro Famoso, da raça gir leiteiro, da Bateria de Touros da CRV Lagoa. Veja mais de nossos animais em
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These gigantic cows resemble bovine body-builders. See how breeders have achieved such amazing results.
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Time: 04:44 More in Pets & Animals | BA TV - Você vai saber agora porquê os bovinos da raça Gir Leiteiro são as principais atrações da Expoconquista 2010.
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Clip do desfile dos concorrentes ao grande campeonato de machos da Expozebu 2008, em Uberaba (MG), da raça gir dupla aptidão. Veja o desfile com os comentários de Rosimar Silva, de Girbrasil.
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Jornal Lagoa, edição de Dezembro de 2007, destacando os 15 anos do Touro Fajardo da GB, o touro de destaque absoluto em reprodução e venda de sêmen, em comemoração especial! Reportagem: Thell de Castro Imagens: Fausto Prado Edição: Carine Crosara Coordenação: Adriana Zaia
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Vacas que terminaram a ordenha sendo substituídas pelas que ainda naum foram ordenhadas...
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The Art of breeding cattle. Nigel White shares his views on being a seed stock producer.
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Cattle farming may be a big business to deal with but, it's surely worth venturing. Get to know the industry of Cattle Farming based on the experiences of Gen. Santos's, Jolisa Agribusiness Corporation. Agribusiness - How It Works Sundays between 8:00 AM- 9:00 AM ABS-CBN Sports and Action 23
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Touro Big, da raça Gir Leiteiro, da Bateria de Touros da CRV Lagoa. Tatiane, gerente de produto leite da CRV Lagoa, faz os comentários técnicos do animal. Confira mais de nossa programação em:
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Reporter Sarah Gardner rounds up some Texas Longhorn cattle. These cows, however, aren't in the Lone Star State. This roundup is happening in Ohio. A Kansas Ranching family changes the color of their cattle to improve the brand. Law Enforcement officials in California work to stop modern day cattle rustlers. Rob Stewart travels to Idaho to meet a cattle ranching family that's added Elk ranching to their rangeland.
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boi da raça GIR adestrado
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Beefmaster bulls are valued for the maternal attributes of their female offspring that include early breed up, high calf survivability and overall longevity in the cowherd. Beefmaster influenced feeder calves are appreciated for efficiency of gain, fewer days on feed and industry acceptable quality and cutability with high dressing percentages. Beefmaster breeders understand the importance of using modern advancements in technology to provide their customers with the most current selection tools. DNA testing, feed efficiency and carcass ultrasound are mainstream practices that are used today to enrich the cattle that have been built on a generations long foundation of selection based on economic efficiencies of the six essentials.
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Touro Jaguar, da raça Gir Leiteiro, da Bateria de Touros da CRV Lagoa. Tatiane, gerente de produto leite da CRV Lagoa, faz os comentários técnicos do animal. Confira mais de nossa programação em:
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Like us on FaceBook - Cattlerap video by David Kamp feat. Rhett parks. original source: More info: Rhett Parks the accidental Rap God! Check out For some other cool stuff!
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